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Metal Working and Engineering Technologies
Название How production regimes can impact the quality of GAZELLE NEXT ball joints
DOI 10.17580/cisisr.2018.02.14
Автор I. A. Mikhailovsky, I. Yu. Mezin, D. A. Pesterev
Информация об авторе

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University (Magnitogorsk, Russia):

I. Yu. Mezin, Dr. Eng., Prof., Head the Chair of Automobile Technology, Certification and Service
I. A. Mikhailovsky, Dr. Eng., Prof., the Chair of Automobile Technology, Certification and Service

“BelMag” Scientific and Production Corporation (Magnitogorsk, Russia):

D. A. Pesterev, Leading Product Design Engineer, Design Engineering Dept., e-mail: pesterev@belmag.ru


The purpose of this study is to find a solution for one important pr oblem related to the production of steel parts, and namely, using a case study of ball joints designed for the GAZELLE NEXT vehicles, to establish if regimes of the production processes have an effect on simple quality indicators of the product or not. If regimes of the production processes have an effect on simple quality indicators or not was established through tests based on a method that comprised three stages. During Stage 1, measurement tools were defined that would be suitable for measuring simple quality indicators. This is confirmed by MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis) results. During Stage 2, a batch of parts was produced in the current production set-up, and simple quality indicators were determined and their values documented. During Stage 3, changes were implemented to the production regimes and a test batch was produced. The items produced were used to monitor all the simple quality indicators. The obtained value of a simple quality indicator exceeding the tool error would indicate a noticeable effect produced by the regimes of this particular production process on the simple quality indicator evaluated. After the experiment was over, the production regimes would be reset to the original values, and Stage 3 would be repeated for the following process. With the help of the experiments conducted, the authors were able to establish a relationship between production regimes and simple quality indicators with regard to 10 different production processes and 9 simple quality indicators related to the GAZELLE NEXT ball joints. The results obtained in the course of the tests are described in this paper. The method used in this study can also be used to establish a relationship between production regimes and simple quality indictors with regard to other products.

Ключевые слова Ball joint, quality, simple quality indicator, evaluation method, production process, production regimes, analysis of changes
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