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Rolling and other Metal forming processes
ArticleName The main trends in the development of production of rolled products, pipes and hardware in 2017–2019. Part 2. Pipe production, metal trading and standardization
ArticleAuthor N. N. Gugis

“Chermet” Corporation (Moscow, Russia):

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The second part of the article (part 1, No. 1, 2020) provides an overview of the production of steel pipes, including drill, casing, tubing, of domestic enterprises, as well as information on the consumption of these products. Information on the export and import of metal products regarding the assortment, as well as data on investments made by metallurgical companies in the development and modernization of rolling, pipe and hardware production have been presented. Conducting of research by orders of metallurgical companies, the introduction of IT technologies, implementation of IT projects in leading domestic metallurgical companies and specialized universities have been considered. Attention is paid to issues of standardization in the fi eld of metal production from the point of view of unifying general requirements for a specifi c type of metal product, bringing classification of steel grades in line with international standards. The key importance of solving the issues of personnel policy is shown.

keywords Steel pipes, pipe production, metal products, export, import, investment, digitalization, standardization, personnel
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