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ArticleName Risk management in open pit mining
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2020.02.06
ArticleAuthor Noskov V. A., Badtiev B. P., Pavlovich A. A.

Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

V. A. Noskov, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Economic Sciences,
A. A. Pavlovich, Head of Pit Wall Stability Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

Metalloinvest Management Company, Moscow, Russia:

B. P. Badtiev, Head of Mining Monitoring and Long-Term Development Department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Production activities of open pit mines are associated with abundant risks. This article considers a mining-specific risk—geomechanical. This risk is connected with probable pit wall failure in case of steepening of slopes with intent to reduce stripping and to improve performance of field development. On the strength of available risk management recommendations, the stages of geomechanical risk study and prevention are formulated: identification of risk as a holistic notion; determination of geomechanical risk influences; calculation of probability of the influences; estimation of consequences of hazardous geomechanical events; elaboration of precautions aimed to mitigate geomechanical risks, with evaluation of relevant expenses versus damage due to pit wall failure. It is recommended to study hazardous geomechanical events in two ways: event tree construction and cause-and-effect analysis. In the design procedure of optimal slope angles, it is possible to analyze geomechanical risk using advanced digital apparatus, e.g. neural networks. The problems connected with probability of geomechanical risk and its quantitative assessment remain yet to be handled. To this effect, the studies into the influence of geomechanical risk on the financial and economic activities of a mine will be continued.

keywords Risk management, economic effects, managerial decisions, open pit mining, probability, deformation

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