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ArticleName Justification of methodical approach to mining and processing efficiency evaluation
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.08.07
ArticleAuthor Prokopenko V. I., Cherep A. Yu., Pilova D. P.

Dnipro University, Dnepr, Ukraine:

V. I. Prokopenko, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
A. Yu. Cherep, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
D. P. Pilova, Candidate of Economic Sciences


The present-day research of ecological and economic methods applied in mineral accessing and mining neglects technical efficiency. Mineral mining mostly uses conventional and proven technologies. These technologies are primarily aimed at reaching the largest possible outputs in mineral production. In the meanwhile, scientists are increasingly being engaged in the theory and practice of economical mathematical validation of engineering solutions for different phases of mineral mining. Enhanced efficiency of mining and processing defines intelligent management of natural resources and has an essential influence on the industry performance. The industry is imposed with certain requirements and constraints that also represent influences on technical efficiency of primary metals production. Technological advance of a mine with regard to ecological and economic evaluation of flow processes takes shape as a generalized model of activities aimed at higher profit return, increased extraction of mineral resources from the subsoil, cut-down cost of mining and processing, and at reduced waste and harmful emission. The authors assess the open pit mining efficiency as a function of concentrate production cost as a case-study of Pokrovski GOK, Ukraine. Statistical correlation of the production technology and economy and the produced ore flow quality is determined. A blending procedure is proposed for manganese ore from two groups of open pits to ensure the largest extractability of the useful component at the minimum cost of stripping. Preset quality ore should be accumulated at a processing plant for the concentrate production, with follow-on re-adjustment of the process circuits to ore with another content of metal. Free market economy has a material effect on production performance in the mining and processing industry, first of all, on the volume of products sold.

keywords Open pit mine, flow processes, manganese ore, ore flow quality, technology and economy efficiency, metal recovery, concentrate cost, reconstruction

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