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Iron and Steel Making
ArticleName Electric arc furnace Quantum: the prospective concept for efficient steelmaking
ArticleAuthor M. Dorndorf, M. Abel, M. Hein, H. Huber.

M. Dorndorf, Dr. Eng., Head of Research Department; M. Abel, Manager on management of the life cycle of electric arc furnaces; M. Hein, Chief Technologist; H. Huber, Head of the Department of space-planning solutions, Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH, Willstätt, Germany;


Using its multi-year experience in the field of shaft furnaces, Siemens VAI has developed the new electric arc furnace entitled as Siemens EAF Quantum. It is characterized by such new features as new concept of scrap charging and efficient system of its heating, new mechanism of shell tilting as well as improved pouring unit. All these innovations are based on proven technical solutions directed on minimization of expenses for metal treatment and productivity rise, and make the furnace operation more environmentally acceptable. Lowered consumption of electric power and electrodes provides decrease of emission of carbon dioxide almost by 30 %. It is shown that in Quantum furnace it is possible to process scrap with different density using different methods. Technical parameters of Quantum furnace are presented, compared with the same parameters of conventional furnaces with the same capacity and with the same productivity and obtained results are analyzed. Among these characteristics, injection technologies, time balance and consumption data at 1610 ºC are displayed. Specific consumption of electric power makes only 280 kWh/t. Duration of melting cycle in a 100-ton electric arc furnace was 33 min. and its annual productivity - 1.35 mln. tons.

keywords Steelmaking, electric arc furnace, scrap, charge material, productivity, carbon dioxide, injection, electric power
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