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ArticleName New hot strip mill at Çolakoğlu allows a wider product portfolio
ArticleAuthor D. Ehlert, S. Krämer, H. Hartmann, H. Höfer, W. Lay, H.-J. Seiter, R. Nejad, A. Fikret Gen.

On 15 June 2010, the new hot strip mill of Çolakoğlu Metalurji A.S., Turkey, a company based in the Greater Istanbul area, produced the first coil. With its powerful new plant designed and manufactured by SMS Siemag AG (Germany), the company expanded its product portfolio from long products to high-quality hot strip, thus opening up a new chapter in its corporate history. Material range will include carbon steels, HSLA-steels, tube steels, dual phase steels and TRIP steels in slabs with 180-250 mm thickness, 800-1,650 mm width and up to 12 m length, having weight up to 39 tons. Finished products include sheet 1.2-25.4x800-1,650 mm and coils with maximal diameter 2,150 mm and maximal weight 39 tons. The scheme of this new hot strip mill with complete length only 330 m has been displayed. The main components of rolling mill, including four-high reversing rougher with attached edger, seven-stand finishing mill, cooling bed with laminar cooling of the hot metal and the coiler with the first 1.2-mm coil manufactured during hot commissioning, are observed and their technical parameters are presented in details. Electric and automation systems providing stable operation and required quality are observed. As early as seven weeks after commissioning, strip with a final gauge of 1.2 mm was being produced. Production of the new hot rolling mill after start-up is analyzed.

keywords Hot strip mill, carbon steels, HSLA-steels, tube steels, dual phase steels, TRIP steels sheet metal, slabs, strip, coils, long products, reversing rougher, edger, laminar cooling
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