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Power Engineering and Ecology
ArticleName Decrease of dust emissions during unloading of bulky materials
ArticleAuthor A. Peters, A. Kuhn, G. Altmeyer, H.-J. Leiβner.

A. Peters, Eng., Head of Department "Sales and marketing"; A. Kuhn, Head of Department "Mechanical engineering", Uhde Services GmbH, Haltern am See; G. Altmeyer, Eng. Head of Department "Blast-furnace production Hamborn”; H.-J. Leiβner, Eng., Head of Department "The technique of removal of dust", ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg;


Permanent strengthening of penalties for dust emissions during processing of bulky materials establishes new demands to the metallurgical enterprises. Since January 2008, the unique mobile high-efficient unit for dust collecting during unloading of bulky materials from a belt-conveyor trestle is in operation. The paper gives description of the concept and operation experience of the new unit. 3D model of the existing belt-conveyor trestle has been developed by Uhde Services company and simulation testings of dust collecting shell have been executed. Scheme of location of dust collecting car is presented, engineering works have been done. The operating principle of the unit is described and environmental safe and cheap features are observed. Degree of dust collecting is 91-97 % with power consumption less by 50 % comparing with other conventional technical solutions. Expenses for technical maintenance decreased by 27 % owing to avoiding additional pipings and fittings.

keywords Dust emission, dust collecting, belt-conveyor trestle, 3D model, power consumption, bulky materials, penalties
Language of full-text russian
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