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55th anniversary of Donbass Stete Technical University
ArticleName 55th anniversary of Donbass State Technical University
ArticleAuthor N. I. Antoshchenko.

Donbass State Technical University (Alchevsk, Ukraine):

Antoshchenko N. I.,  Acting Rector, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, phone: +380 (6442) 2-31-23


Donbass State Technical University (DonGTU) is located in Alchevsk (Ukraine, Lugansk region) and celebrates in 2012 its 55th anniversary. At present time, DonGTU includes 7 faculties (mining, metallurgical, building, mechanical, economical-financial, management, automation and electrotechnical systems) as well as the college and two technical schools (industrial technical in Alchevsk and mining one in Perevalsk). The university also unites 7 separate structural affiliates — engineering departments in Enakievo, Krasny Luch, Rovenky, Lisichansk, Sverdlovsk, Pervomaisk and Krasnodon. Additionally, the “Orion” State interacademic center for laser-location observations of the artificial satellites, the unique scientific complex for conducting investigations in the fields of astronomy, geophysics, satellite geodesy, space navigation, quantum electronics and radiophysics, is operating as a part of DonGTU.

Investigations in the areas of science and technics, social life and economics, information and communication technologies, power engineering and power saving, rational usage of the earth resources and development of new materials can be listed among the main directions of activity of Donbass State Technical University. DonGTU has old and strong scientific and educational collaboration with a row of high schools in Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Latvia, UK and China.

keywords Donbass State Technical University, scientific and research works, scientific schools, preparation of mining and metallurgical engineers, international collaboration
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