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55th anniversary of Donbass Stete Technical University
ArticleName Conduction electromagnetic stirrer for a steel bath .
ArticleAuthor S. V. Kuberskiy, S. B. Esselbakh.

Donbass State Technical University, Alchevsk, Ukraine:

Kuberskiy S. V., Assist. Prof., Dr. Eng., Head of the Chair of Ferrous Metals,

Essellbach S. B.,  Assist. Prof., Dr. Eng., Chair of Ferrous Metals


The authors proposed conduction electromagnetic stirrer to create the necessary hydrodynamic conditions in the tundish caster to provide the metal homogeneity for its chemical composition and temperature, as well as the removal of nonmetallic inclusions. Using the proposed device allows you to create the force effect on the melt greater by fold in comparison with traditionally used induction mixers. The required heating of metal and arc deep reduction of the elements that are necessary for deoxidation and alloying (such as manganese, silicon, chromium. vanadium, titanium etc.) and for refining (such as magnesium and calcium) are conducted via synchronization of heat amount entering on the unit of metal volume in the active area and speed of reduction of useful elements. While multiplicity of circulation increases, specific consumption of heat and reducing elements per unit of processing metal are decreasing respectively and proportionally. Studies on the physical model provided getting the results that can be considered as a starting point for the design of electromagnetic devices for mixing and heating the metal in the industrial tundish.

keywords Simulation, stirring, heating, fluid dynamics, intermediate ladle, the active zone, mixing zone weighting, relief, physical impact, removal of nonmetallic inclusions

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