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Continuous casting
ArticleName Development and results of a 400 mm thick slab caster
ArticleAuthor S. H. Scrubbe, P. Pennerstorfer, J. Watzinger, Guoxin Shan.

Siemens VAI Metals Technologies, Linz, Austria:

Skrube S. H.,  Grad. Eng.., Chief of Slab casting Department

Pennerstorfer P., Grad. Eng., Chief of Continuous Casting Technology Department

Watzinger J., Dr. Eng., Continuous Casting Technology Department

Guoxin Shan,  Dr. Eng., Continuous Casting Technology Department

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Watching the demand of steel industry customers shows the trend towards high demanding applications for heavy plates and pipe grades. These demands are challenging plant designers and metal producers along the whole production route. Siemens VAI has developed new concepts of bow type casters with straight mould for a thickness range of 250 to 400 mm and a width range of 1,600 to 2,400 mm. Machine concept and process technology, cooling concept and efficient Dynacs 3D heat transfer calculator, positioning of 3D sprays are observed. Machine protection possibilities and practice of using Mold Expert system as one of the most successful continuous casting packages are discussed. Internal and surface quality of continuously cast metal are analyzed, as well as DynaGap soft reduction roll-gap adjustmant experience. In June 2010, the world’s first bow type caster with straight mould producing 400 mm thick slabs went into operation at Shougang Qinhuangdao in China. The new thick-slab casting concept of Siemens VAI was proven on the Shougang Shouqin CCM3 slab caster. This machine gives the customer the possibility to produce slabs in wide thicknesses and widths according to their customer demands. Optimum quality of slabs for high demands has been achieved by means of automation and technological packages.

keywords Continuous casting, heavy plates, bow type casters, straight mold, heat transfer, soft reduction, roll gap adjustment, slabs

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