Gold: chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy

M. A. Meretukov

The book gives the information, which describes the current status of chemistry, mineralogy and metallurgy of gold. At the same time, the special attention is turned on the connection between them and on the processes, which take place on the nanolevel, as well as the processes, which are connected with the dissolution and release of the gold and solutions.

The introduction consideres the data about the world output, pattern of consumption and new areas of the gold application.

The first part describes the novations in the chemistry of gold, including the electrochemistry and catalysis, as well as obtaining and the properties of clusters and nanostructures.

The second part gives the basic information about geochemistry and gold mineralogy, including the characteristics of it`s chemistry state in the hydrothermal solutions, the description of the release theories on the containing minerals and the data about the natural nanoforms.

The third part contains the achievements in the gold metallurgy. These achievements include the intensive cyanidation of the gravity concentrate, the ways of the refractory ores conditioning, the data about the mechanism of the gold adsorption on the activated carbon and new methods of the gold release from the solutions, the assesment of the probability of using the gold non-cyanide vehicles, chloridation and phytoextraction.

Language of edition: Russian.

ISBN: 978-5-98191-043-2
Страницы: 528
Переплет: hardcover
Издатель: Ore and Metals PH
Язык: Russian
Год издания: 2008

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