The Waelz Process

P. A. Kozlov

This monograph sets forth physicochemical characterization of the Waelz process and behaviour of various compounds (of lead, zinc, cadmium, indium and others) in the Waelz processing. It pays significant attention to hardware equipment of the Waelz process and lining of the Waelz kiln. It gives thermal balance of the Waelz kiln and analyses possible breeches of the operating practices.
Based on operating data of zinc plants, the work details How sheets of treatment of various raw materials by the Waelz process: zinc cakes, secondary raw materials, slimes of waste water treatment facilities of zinc plants and chemical factories, zinc-bearing slags of the zinc smelting and other types of zinc-bearing wastes.
The work shows cost efficiency of the Waelz process and its environmental importance in terms of processing of various intermediate products and wastes of the metallurgical industry.
The book is intended for scientists, engineers and technicians who deal with production of lead and zinc, it also can be useful to students, masters and post-graduates studying metallurgy.

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ISBN: 5-8216-0050-2
Pages: 160
Binder: твердый
Publisher: ИД "Руда и Металлы"
Language: English
Publishing year: 2003

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CHAPTER I. The Theory of the Waelz Process

1.1. General

1.2. Physicochemical Description of the Waelz Process

1.3. Behaviour of Zinc Compounds

1.4. Behaviour of Lead Compounds

1.5. Behaviour of Cadmium Compounds

1.6. Behaviour of Indium Compounds

1.7. Behaviour of the Compounds of Thallium, Germanium, Gallium. Antimony, Arsenic, Selenium, Tellurium

1.8. Behaviour of the Compounds of Iron, Copper, Nickel, Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminium, Silver and Gold

1.9. Oxidation of the Vapours of Zinc and Cadmium in the gas phase of the Waelz kiln

CHAPTER II. Raw Materials for the Waelz-Process

CHAPTER III. Hardware Equipment of the Waelz Process

3.1. Design of the Waelz Kiln with Auxiliary Equipment

3.2. Refractories and Lining for Waels Kilns

3.3. Dust Extraction and Gas Purification

CHAPTER IV. Waelz Practice

4.1. Thermal Balance of Waelz-Kilns

4.2. Capacity of Waelz-Kilns

4.3. Possible Breaches of the Technological Settings of the Waelz Process

CHAPTER V. Flow Sheets of Processing of Various Products by the Waelz Process

5.1. The Waelz processing of Zinc Cakes

5.2. Utilization of Secondary Zinc-Containing Raw Materials in the Waelz Process

Processing of Slimes of Waste Water Treatment Facilities of Zinc Plants

Processing of Zinc-Containing Slimes of Waste Water Treatment Faculties of Chemical Plants

Processing of Zinc-Containing Slags of Lead Smelting

Processing of Zinc-Containing Slags Together with Oxidized Carbonate Ore

Processing of Complex Feed Consisting of Zinc Cake, High Silica Cinder, Slags of Lead Smelting, Slimes of Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Processing of Other Types of Zinc-Containing Wastes (Wastes of Galvanism, Dusts of Blast-Furnace Production)

CHAPTER VI. Processing of Waelz Kiln Products

6.1. Hydrometallurgical processing of the Waelz volatiles

6.2. Pyrometallurgical Processing of Waelz Volatiles

6.3. Processing of Clinker

Processing of Clinkers Produced by Waelz Processing of Slags of Lead Smelting

Processing of Clinkers Produced by Waelz Processing of Zinc Cakes

CHAPTER VII. Efficiency of the Waelz Process