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"Chernye Metally" journal No. 5-2013 has been published.


Conventional section "Development of metallurgy in Russia and CIS countries" is presented by three different materials.

Peculiarities of the process of alloying steel by nitrogen at plasma arc remelting in large-sized furnace are considered in the article “An experience of producing high-nitrogen non-magnetic stainless steels” by O. S. Muradyan and I. A. Galikeev. It is shown that nitrogen content in remelted metal increases at the decreasing of total gas pressure inside the furnace. Compositions and mechanical properties of stainless austenite high-nitrogen steels produced using plasma arc remelting furnace, induction furnace in complex with centrifugal casting machine and ladle furnace with preliminary vacuum-oxygen decarburisation are presented.

The report about the 7th International conference "Stainless steel price 2013" is presented by L. Khazanov from “Metal Supply and Demand” journal.

The third material – coloured insert – is devoted to 240th anniversary of Omutninsky Metallurgical Works – one of the oldest Russian iron and steel works in Ural region.

The translated section "Iron and Steel Making" includes 2 publications.

R. Fandrich, J.-T. Ghenda, H. B. Lüngen from the Steel Institute of VDEh presented the report “Quality and acceptability of raw materials, power engineering efficiency - the requirements for iron and steel production” at the seminar "Raw materials and energy as the base for effective metallurgical process" that was devoted to the problems of deterioration of quality of raw materials as a serious problem of blast furnace practice, as well as to alternative processes of ironmaking. Other actual problems - influence of alloying elements on steelmaking, supply of alumina-bearing raw materials for refractories production were also discussed.

Consistently good results with commissioning vacuum plants were analyzed by A. Pezza, M. Abek, M. Hein, T. Wieting from Siemens VAI Metals Technologies. It was shown that vacuum plants are increasingly being installed in so-called mini mills in addition to integrated steelworks and stainless steel production. This article deals with the design and results achieved with the recently commissioned VD plant at SSAB in the USA, the VOD plant at Tisco in China and the RH plants at CSA in Brazil and Zhangjiagang in China.

Three articles are included in the section “Power Engineering and ecology”.

Specialists from Vienna University of Technology and Siemens VAI Metals Technologies observed the concepts and simulation results for heat recovery plants based on thermal energy storage systems for electric arc furnaces. Different systems were compared to each other based on transient simulations using the commercial process simulation software APROS (Advanced PROcess Simulator).

F. Schulz examined the projects at ArcelorMittal Germany sites with approach of investing with consistency in energy efficiency projects. He is sure that production sites of Arcelor-Mittal in Germany can be proud to be part of the most energy efficient steel production sites in the world.

U. Ratzek, special editor of “Stahl und Eisen”, substantiated that, owing to modernization of the existing units, it became possible not only to increase power engineering efficiency and productivity, but also to optimize production program, consumption of materials and energy carriers. The paper also examines the strategies of reliable data processing at the enterprises of iron and steel industry.

Taking into account current disputes about future of steel and other metals, E. Eichler in his paper confirmed that ThyssenKrupp trusts in steel as basic material for industry and is focused on the highgrowth premium flat carbon steel segment.

Economical and historic sections are presented, as usual.

You may find below more details about the issue or book printed or electronic version of the journal.

ArticleName Steel industry of the world
Development of metallurgy in Russia and CIS
ArticleName An Experience of producing high-nitrogen non-magnetic stainless steels
ArticleAuthors O. S. Muradyan, I. A. Galikeev.

“Izhmetmash” JSC (Izhevsk, Russia):

Muradyan O. S., Cand. Eng., Chief Metallurgist,


Scientific and Industrial Enterprise “Gorizont” (Izhevsk, Russia):

Galikeev I. A., Executive Officer

ArticleName The report about the 7th International conference “Stainless steel price 2013”
ArticleAuthor L. Khazanov.
ArticleName 240th anniversary of Omutninsky Metallurgical Works
ArticleName “Miel” company: consulting about real estate
Iron and Steel Making
ArticleName Quality and acceptibility of raw materials, power engineering efficiency — the requirements for iron and steel production
ArticleAuthors R. Fandrich, J.-T. Ghenda, H. B. Lüngen.

Steel Institute VDEh (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Fandrich R., Dr. Eng., Manager Steelworks and Metallurgical Fundamentals

Ghenda J.-T., Dr. Eng., Specialist in trade and industrial affairs
Lüngen H. B., Dr. Eng., Senior Manager Operation Unit Technology,

ArticleName Consistently good results with commissioning vacuum plants
ArticleAuthors A. Pezza, M. Abel, M. Hein, T. Wieting.

Siemens Metals Technologies GmbH (Willstätt-Legelshurst, Germany):

Pezza A., Product Lifecycle Manager VD/VOD,

Abel M., Senior Expert Electric Steelmaking
Hein M., Head of Process and Metallurgy
Wieting T., Senior Sales Manager Steelmaking & Secondary Metallurgy

Power engineering and environment protection
ArticleName Concepts and simulation results for heat recovery plants based on thermal energy storage systems for electric arc furnaces
ArticleAuthors T. Steinparzer, M. Haider, T. Gröbl, A. Fleischanderl, G. Enickl, A. Hampel, F. Zauner.

Vienna University of Technology (Vienna, Austria):

Steinparzer T., Mag. Eng., Project Assistant,

Haider M., Univ. Prof., Mag. Eng., Dr. Tech., Head of Research Area of Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering
Gröbl T., Mag. Eng., Project Assistant, Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics


Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH (Linz, Austria):
Fleischanderl A., Mag. Eng. Dr. Tech., Vice President Technology Steelmaking, Minimill and Environmental Technology
Enickl G., Mag. Eng. Head of Energy Technology 
Hampel A., Mag. Eng. Senior Expert
Zauner F., Mag. Eng. R&D Project Manager

ArticleName Investing with consistency paves the way to energy efficiency
ArticleAuthor F. Schulz.

ArcelorMittal Germany Holding (Cologne, Germany):

Schulz F., Chairman of the Board,

ArticleName Optimized equipment: rise of power engineering efficiency and productivity
ArticleAuthor U. Ratzek.

“Stahl und Eisen” journal (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Ratzek U., Special Editor,

ArticleName Ecological balance in charge of steel
ArticleAuthor U. Schamari.
Control, organization and management of production processes
ArticleName Automated simulation of the process chain from cast ingots to the heat treated part
ArticleAuthors H. Schafstall, G. McBain, Ch. Barth, J. Terhaar, J. Jarolimeck.

Simufact Engineering GmbH (Hamburg, Germany):

Schafstall H., Dr. Eng., CEO, CTO,
McBain G., Dr. Eng. General Manager Simufact India i.f.
Barth Ch., Dr. Eng. Assist. Technical Director


Saarschmiede GmbH Freiformschmiede (Völklingen, Germany):
Terhaar J., Mag. Eng., Head of Forging
Jarolimeck J., Mag. Tech., Engineer for Process Development

Steel as material
ArticleName ThyssenKrupp trusts in steel as basic material for industry
ArticleAuthor E. Eichler.

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG:

Eichler E., Chairman of the Management Board of the business area Steel Europe and CEO,

ArticleName High-technological material for all purposes
ArticleAuthor S. Kämpfer.
ArticleName New lightweight Volkswagen Golf
Economics and Finances
ArticleName Future will be for steel
ArticleAuthor H. J. Kerkhoff.
ArticleName Iron and steel industry as the factor of European future
ArticleAuthor W. Eder.
Steel as material
ArticleName Steel production worldwide
Metallurgical history
ArticleName Creators of the success technology
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