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Gornyi Zhurnal - Special issue


The special issue of "Gornyi Zhurnal" (Mining Journal) came out of press. It's devoted to the 50th anniversary of Kachkanar mining and processing integrated works ( OJSC EVRAZ “Kachkanar”).This journal is issued in colored version of 4,5 printed sheets. The contents of the journal covers all production departments of the works, such as prospecting, open-pit mining, ore beneficiation, pelletization of concentrates, works transport facilities, environmental matters. A lot of attention is paid to social policy of the works.


You can find more details about this issue below or by ordering the printed or electronic version of the journal.

ArticleName New ways in geological prospecting works at“EVRAZ KGOK” JSC
ArticleAuthors Lyapunov A. V., Nekrasov S. M., Russkikh B. G.

“EVRAZ KGOK” JSC (Kachkanar, Russia):

Lyapunov A. V. , Deputy Chief Engineer – Head of Engineering Department, e-mail:

Nekrasov S. M., Leading Geologist of Ore Department

Russkikh B. G., Executive Officer on Information Technologies

ArticleName Development of titanium-magnetite ores deposit of gusevogorsk deposit
ArticleAuthors Martynov V. A., Goncharov S. N., Lebedev A. A.

“EVRAZ KGOK” JSC (Kachkanar, Russia):

Martynov V. A., Chief Engineer, e-mail:

Goncharov S. N., Chief Miner of Engineering Department of Motor-and-Tractor Shop

Lebedev A. A., Head of Motor Transport Shop

ArticleName Railway transport of “EVRAZ KGOK” JSC
ArticleAuthors Zalesov A. V., Mikheev D. P.

“EVRAZ KGOK” JSC (Kachkanar, Russia):

Zalesov A. V., Head of Railway Transport Department,

Mikheev D. P., Chief Engineer of Railway Transport Department

ArticleName Crushing-and-concentration plant of “EVRAZ KGOK” JSC
ArticleAuthors Makushev S. Yu., Kanaev I. V., Cherepanov D. V.

“EVRAZ KGOK” JSC (Kachkanar, Russia):

Makushev S. Yu., Chief Dresser, e-mail:

Kanaev I. V., Head of Concentration Shop

Cherepanov D. V., Head of Product Control Laboratory

ArticleName Tailing dump of “EVRAZ KGOK” JSC and its development prospects
ArticleAuthors Kuznetsov A. G., Lytin O. V., Karelin A. E.

“EVRAZ KGOK” JSC (Kachkanar, Russia):

Kuznetsov A. G., Chief Hydraulic Engineer of Engineering Department, e-mail:

Lytin O. V., Head of Tail Facilities Shop

Karelin A. E., Project Manager

ArticleName Experience of stage modernization of roast machines of kachkanar ore dressing and processing enterprise
ArticleAuthors Glukhikh V. A., Grukh A. G., Tokarev S. F., Kleyn V. I.

“EVRAZ KGOK” JSC (Kachkanar, Russia):

Glukhikh V. A., Head of Agglomaration Factory, e-mail:

Grukh A. G., Chief Engineer of Agglomeration Factory

Tokarev S. F., Head of a Shop


Scientific-Engineering Promotional Enterprise «TOREKS» (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

Kleyn V. I., Chief Specialist

ArticleName Development of technology of efficient fluxing of agglomeration charge in “EVRAZ KGOK” JSC
ArticleAuthors Sukharev A. G., Volkov D. N., Leushin V. N., Chikishev V. Yu., Kobelev V. A.

“EVRAZ KGOK” JSC (Kachkanar, Russia):

Sukharev A. G., Production Director, e-mail:

Volkov D. N., Chief Metallurgist of Engineering Department

Leushin V. N., Head of Department of Chief Manufacturing Engineer of Agglomeration Plant


«EVRAZ NTMK» JSC (Nizhny Tagil, Russia):

Chikishev V. Yu., Chief Specialist of Investment Activity Directorate


«Ural Institute of Metals» JSC (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

Kobelev V. A., Acting Executive Officer of Scientific-Engineering Center, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

ArticleName Nature protection activity of “EVRAZ KGOK” JSC
ArticleAuthors Isakov О. V., Kuchin V. I.

“EVRAZ KGOK” JSC (Kachkanar, Russia):

Isakov O. V. , Executive Officer on Labour Protection and Industrial Safety of Environment, e-mail:

Kuchin V. I., Head of Environmental Protection Department

ArticleName Social policy of “EVRAZ KGOK” JSC
ArticleAuthors Yaroslavtsev A. A., Popova L. V.

“EVRAZ KGOK” JSC (Kachkanar, Russia):

Yaroslavtsev A. A., HR Director, e-mail:

Popova L. V., Head of Social Affairs Board

Journals →  Gornyi Zhurnal →  2013 →  #9-1 Special issue