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This special issue tells about the collection of the State Museum Reserve Peterhof. The museum specialists remember and estimate the history of this wonderful place. In Peter the Great times, the first Russian stone-cutting industry (Peterhof grinding mill) was founded and greatly developed. Subsequently, the mill was renamed into the Peterhof lapidary works and took the participation in decorating of Saint Petersburg palaces and mansions. This mill was a workplace for a constellation of outstanding stonecutters. A part of a small pamphlet (1921; authors: A. E. Fersman and N. I. Vlodavets) is published in this issue. The pamphlet, devoted to the history of the first state stone-processing plant, has never been republished and became the bibliographic rarity. Nowadays, readers have the possibility to read it again.


Besides the articles about the Peterhof fountains, this issue mainly tells about stone and metal museum collections, and their bright and interesting history: architecture details, sculpture, decorative and applied arts masterpieces, etc. We hope, that these materials will show the other side of the Peterhof history.


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Palaces, parks, and fountains
ArticleName Marble Peterhof: from dream to reality. Historical core of the ensemble in the XVIII and XIX centuries
ArticleAuthor Belov A. A.
ArticleName Notes about natural stone in the fountain constructions of Peterhof, or Walk across Lower park with fountain master
ArticleAuthor Yershova N. I.
ArticleName Natural stone in interior at Peter the Great times
ArticleAuthor Kalnitskaya E. Ya.
ArticleName Colour stone of Alexandria
ArticleAuthor Tenikhina V. M.
ArticleName Marble fountain of the Cottage terrace
ArticleAuthors Kolotov M. G., Khaykina L. V.
ArticleName Carrara marble (photoproject)
ArticleAuthor E. Ya. Kalnitskaya and V. Ya. Yumangulov’s comment
ArticleName Upon the monuments of the garden at the grand dukes’ house in Alexandria
ArticleAuthor Yumangulov V. Ya.
ArticleName «Magic marble»
ArticleAuthor Syasina T. S.
ArticleName The Chinese panels in finishing of an interior of the Small office of Pavel I in the Chinese palace
ArticleAuthor Surkova T. O.
Peterhof lapidary factory
ArticleName Pages of history of the Peterhof lapidary factory. To the publication in the «World Illustration» magazine
ArticleAuthor Trubanovskaya M. V.
ArticleName Baptismal casket from the Special Treasury (photoproject)
ArticleAuthor N. B. Bulanaya’s comment
ArticleName From a saw mill to а watch factory
ArticleAuthor Maksimova A. A.
ArticleName To the history of creation of the mosaic console from the Bugle office of the Chinese palace in Oranienbaum, 1767–1769
ArticleAuthor Kondratenko M. Ye.
ArticleName State Peterhof lapidary factory in the past, present and future (Extracts from the edition of 1921)
ArticleAuthors Fersman A. Ye., Vlodavets N. I.
Peterhof collections
ArticleName Silver with a monogram «ON» under the imperial crown. Dowry of great princess Olga Nikolayevna — the queen of Wurttemberg
ArticleAuthor Nosovich T. N.
ArticleName Tabletopsscagliolas in the collection of the Peterhof Museum Complex
ArticleAuthor Kislitsyna O. S.
ArticleName Snuffboxcalendar from the cоllection of the Peterhof Museum Complex
ArticleAuthor Tikhova I. A.
ArticleName «Wonderful stones» and their keepers (playing cards from the Peterhof Museum Complex)
ArticleAuthor Zakharova O. A.
ArticleName E. A. Lansere's sculpture from bronze and cast iron in the Benois Family Museum
ArticleAuthor Yelistratova S. Yu.
ArticleName Grand duke Alexander Nikolayevich at a malachite giant monolith
ArticleAuthor Stark V. P.
ArticleName «… In memory of his tenyear service in iron mines…»
ArticleAuthor Bulanaya N. B.
In restoration workshop
ArticleName Peterhof museums clock’s collections. Restoration experience
ArticleAuthor Gerasimenko E. G.
ArticleName Restoration of clock with musical mechanism
ArticleAuthor Kh. Tuchkovskiy
ArticleName Empire style clock of Nikolay II
ArticleAuthor B. Shmeltser
ArticleName Decorative ornaments of the palace Marly ladder and balcony lattices
ArticleAuthor Kholodnova O. A.
ArticleName Zinc sculptures and their destiny
ArticleAuthors Demidov A. I., Papirovskiy A. A.
ArticleName History of the semiprecious map
ArticleAuthor Igdalov B. P.
Journals →  Museums →  2013 →  #2 Special issue