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A number of vital problems pertaining to the present-day ore mining and processing industry are discussed in the first paper published in this issue of the journal. The authors (V. А. Arsentyev, et al.) propose to use the effect of separated material vibrational fluidization with a view to minimize water consumption in various ore beneficiation processes. In prospect, development of technologies and machines on the basis of vibrational effects will provide for water resources and energy saving, and, in addition to that, in many cases will also permit to lessen a negative ecological environmental impact, caused by ore-mining-and-dressing operations.


The methods, currently applied to solve the present-dayenvironmental challenges, are considered in the papers published in the section “Environment protectiontechnology”: these relate to the development of technologies and means for dustingtailings storage facilities surfaces binding stabilization, as well as accelerated biological recultivation of abandoned tailings storage facilities (the paper by А. А. Gurin, et al.); to the methods applied for waste water purification from toxic compounds (Cr (VI) in the paper by I. I. Maksimov, et al.) by means of reagents and also utilization of large-tonnage waste materials with a view to produce marketable products that are in-demand in the present-day industry (the paper by I. M. Oskembekov and G. L. Katkeeva).

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ArticleName Trends in development of lawwater-consumption technologies and machines for finely ground mineral materials processing
ArticleAuthors Arsentyev V. А., Vaysberg L. А., Ustinov I. D.

REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia):

Arsentyev V. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Research and Development Director

Vaysberg L. А., Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Company Scientific Supervisor,

Ustinov I. D., Doctor of Chemistry, Marketing Director,

ArticleName Lower grade bauxite thermochemical processing theory and practice
ArticleAuthors Sizyakov V. М., Dubovikov О. А., Loginov D. A.

National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines) (Russia):

Sizyakov V. М., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor

Dubovikov О. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,

Loginov D. A., Postgraduate,

ArticleName High-gradient magnetic separation of ilmenite rougher concentrates
ArticleAuthors +Azbel Yu. I., Dmitriyev S. V., Lvov V. V., Mezenin A. O.

REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia):

Dmitriyev S. V., Chief Specialist,

Mezenin A. O., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Leading Specialist,


National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines) (Russia):

Lvov V. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,

ArticleName Reagent MTX application in arsenical gold ores flotation
ArticleAuthors Getman V. V., Gapchich А. О.

Institute of Comprehensive Exploitaion of Mineral Resources of RAS (Russia):

Getman V. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Acting Senior Researcher,

Gapchich А. О., Postgraduate,

ArticleName The Birkachan and Tsokol deposits ores pulp thickening process study
ArticleAuthor Neizvestnykh N. N.

National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (Russia):

Neizvestnykh N. N., Postgraduate,

ArticleName A study of new activators’ effect upon sphalerite flotation
ArticleAuthors Tusupbayev N. K., Bekturganov N. S., Tusupbayev S. N., Semushkina L. V., Turysbekov D. K., Yerzhanova Zh. А.

Center of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Ore Benefication JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Tusupbayev N. K., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Head of Laboratory,

Semushkina L. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Leading Researcher,
Turysbekov D. K., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher,

Yerzhanova Zh. А., Researcher,


JSC National Scientific and Technological Holding «Parasat» (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Bekturganov N. S., Academician of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Scientific Consultant of JSC,


University of Minnesota (USA):

Tusupbayev S. N., Ph. D. in Computational Chemistry, Researcher

ArticleName Toward a theory of vibrational segregation
ArticleAuthors Blekhman I. I., Vaisberg L. А.

Mekhanobr-Tekhnika Research and Engineering Corporation (Russia):

Blekhman I. I., Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Head of Laboratory,

Vaisberg L. А., Corresponding Member of the RAS, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Scientific Advisor,

ArticleName New technologies and means of tailings storage facilities dusting surface binding stabilization
ArticleAuthors Gurin А. А., Lyashenko V. I., Taran N. А.

Kryvyi Rih National University (Ukraine)

Gurin А. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Head of Chair


Ukrainian Research & Development Institute for Industrial Technology (Ukraine):

Lyashenko V. I., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Head of Department,


Ukraine Academy of Mining Sciences, KP «Nauka» (Ukraine)

Taran N. А., Junior Researcher, Junior Researcher


The work was performed with the assistance of the personnel of the State Companies: the «Vostochny Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise» (V. N. Pukhalskiy), the «UkrNIPIIpromtechnologies» (V. M. Zelnichenko, A. G. Skotarenko, V. N. Zhushman), the Public higher education institution the «Kryvyi Rih National University», etc.

ArticleName Waste water purification from Cr (VI) and Cr (III) ions in sulfide copper ore flotation
ArticleAuthors Maksimov I. I., Otrozhdyonnova L. А., Zavarina R. I., Yegorova V. G., Belov А. Ye.

Mekhanobr Engineering CJSC (Russia):

Maksimov I. I., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Deputy General Director on Scientific Work

Otrozhdyonnova L. А., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Leading Researcher

Zavarina R. I., Researcher

Yegorova V. G., Researcher

Belov А. Ye., Engineer

E-mail (common):

ArticleName Silica production from heat-and-power facilities waste materials
ArticleAuthors Oskembekov I. M., Katkeeva G. L.

Chemical and Metallurgical Institute named after Zh. Abishev (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Oskembekov I. M., Senior Researcher,

Katkeeva G. L., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Leading Researcher,

ArticleName IX seminar on technological mineralogy
ArticleAuthor Shchiptsov V. V.
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