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The first issue of a new journal “Gornyy mir muzeev” (The Mining World of Museums) is devoted to the 150-th anniversary of Novgorod State National Park Museum.


Most articles of the special issues of our Publishing House tell about the urgent problems of Russian and foreign mining and metallurgical industry. At the same time, a large part of the materials shares the history of mining and metallurgical technics and technology, national and international cultural and technical heritage, connected with extraction and processing of ores and metals, in any event. The histroy of development of Russian mining and metallurgy is strongly connected with development of Russian high and applied art.


Since 2004, “Ore and Metals” Publishing House has published 12 special issues of the journals, telling about the large central and regional technical and art museums, and their mining and metallurgical expositions. In 2015, we founded the new special edition, where all the museum articles would be published.


Novgorod State Museum is the main subject of the first issue. The museum has a large variety of relics, showing a “picture” of a thousand-year history and culture of Russia.


You may find below more details about the issue or book printed or electronic version of the journal.

From the History of Mining and Metallurgy
ArticleName The development of salt production fields in Staraya Russa
ArticleAuthor Sizeva L. A.
ArticleName Borovichsky coal
ArticleAuthor Ageeva N. V.
ArticleName Taken from the earth, like Adam
ArticleAuthor Parshina L. V.
ArticleName Philosopher's Stone of merchant Belyaev
ArticleAuthor Krasnov V. P.
ArticleName Prince Golitsyn and Borovichsky pyrogranite
ArticleAuthor Ignatyev A. A.
ArticleName State Councillor Sergey Savvich Yakovlev — the owner of the Alapayevskiy mining complex in 1787–1818
ArticleAuthor Vasilyeva I. M.
ArticleName Prince Semyon Davydovich Abamelek-Lazarev — representative of the dynasty of the Ural breeders Lazarevs, owners of the Chermozskiy mining region
ArticleAuthor Vasilyeva I. M.
Annals of Novgorod the Great
ArticleName Sphragistic regalia of Novgorod
ArticleAuthor Volkhonskiy V. A.
ArticleName Embedded stone crosses of Novgorod the Great
ArticleAuthor Fomina A. V.
ArticleName Gavriil Afanasievich Balushkin and Matvey Ivanovich Ovechkin — merchants contractors «of stone works production at the building of foundation and pedestal of a monument to the millennium of the Russian state in Novgorod»
ArticleAuthor Vasilyeva I. M.
ArticleName Project of construction of the monument «In memory of military ranks of Vyborg regiment and citizens of Novgorod died for the faith, the tsar, the fatherland, and Novgorod (1913–1914)»
ArticleAuthor Khokhlov I. V.
ArticleName Pages of military history: items from the collection of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve made during the Nazi occupation of Novgorod from gilded paneling of the central dome of St. Sophia Cathedral
ArticleAuthor Martyanov A. Yu.
Museum collections
ArticleName Frozen prints
ArticleAuthor Zhegurova O. V.
ArticleName Interior and exterior ceramics
ArticleAuthor Yakovleva L. P.
ArticleName Monuments of medieval gold embroidery
ArticleAuthor Ignashina E. V.
ArticleName Monuments of gold and silver craft in Novgorod the Great
ArticleAuthor Gormina N. V.
ArticleName Small plastic arts of XIth–XVIth centuries from stone and bone
ArticleAuthor Gormina N. V.
ArticleName Shaftbow's bells
ArticleAuthor Yakovleva N. P.
ArticleName The sculptural portrait of Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich
ArticleAuthor Konetskaya E. V.
ArticleName Glass fantasy
ArticleAuthor Mazilkina M. V.
ArticleName Small porcelain and faience plastic arts of XIXth — early XXth centuries
ArticleAuthor Shorokhova I. A.
ArticleName Samovars of Novgorod Museum metal fund. Interest acquisitions
ArticleAuthor Khamelyaynen Yu. S.
ArticleName On application of trasological analysis in the study of medieval armaments
ArticleAuthor Kamenskiy A. N.
ArticleName In restoration workshop
ArticleAuthor Prikhod'ko I. V.
ArticleName Yuriy Zhulyev. Improvisation in the glass
ArticleAuthor Volodina T. V.
ArticleName Chamotte sculpture in the art collection of the museum
ArticleAuthor Volodina T. V.
ArticleName Cherepovets Steel Mill in the work of Novgorod artists
ArticleAuthor Volodina T. V.
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