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The forth issue of the journal “Obogashchenie Rud” includes five topical sections.

The new laboratory jaw crusher 2 SCHDS 100×200, developed at the Research-and-Production Group “Mekhanobr-Tekhnika”, is described in the section “Ore Preparation” (the paper byV. N. Aminov,et al.). The crusher jaws perform complex reciprocating and elliptical motion, thus providing for application of shearing and compressive forces to crushed material and, as a result, crushed product is in the main of cubic shape, possessing a granulometric characteristic which is close to product parameters of commercial-scale crushers.

On the basis of the Peschanskoye deposit Southern body sulfide-magnetite ore material composition and dressability study, an integrated flotation-magnetic ore-processing technology was developed for this type of ore (the paper byS. V. Mamonov,et al., in the section “Processing Technology”). The pilot-scale testing of the technology in question at the "Svyatogor" Beneficiation Plant showed the possibility of obtaining copper concentrate with mass fraction of copper 19.1%, recovery being 87.1%, as well as iron concentrate with mass fraction of total iron 66.3%, total iron recovery being 84.2% and that of magnetite iron – 92.3%. Sulfur mass fraction in iron concentrate was 1.6%.

In the paper byА. V. Bogdanovich (the section“Beneficiation Processes”), mostconvenient methods are proposed for the obtained results precision estimation in practical adjustment of processing technologies at concentrating plants, as well aswork planning mathematical methods with a view to determine the effects of various factors upon processing regimes and to find optimal regimes. The contentsset forth in the paper may be used as a handbook, quickening and simplifying estimate of ore separation efficiency.

A methodological approach to estimation of precious metals mineralization in the Southern Khingan ore zone (the Poperechnoye deposit) ferromanganesian mineralization is set forth in the section “Technological Mineralogy” (the paper byV. G. Kryukov,et al.). According to the shortened mineralogical analysis data, mineable platinum and gold grades were established in all ore types. It is the authors' opinion that the proposed methodology may be applied for the Kimkanskoye, Sutarskoye and other deposits of this region, as well as the iron ores deposits of the Tuguro-Chumikansk region, and also a number of the iron ore formations located in Primorye and Yakutia.

One of the papers in the section “Equipment” is dedicated to circular concentrating tables(the paper by L. А. Vaisberg and Ya. V. Kuskova). Thedata and information on the scientists andproduct engineers who participated in the developmental studies with respect to the above concentrating tables are presented. It is noted, that a considerable amount of the accomplished research and development work permitted to solve such problems as increased precision of materials separation into products, improved beneficiation process parameters, development of new designs of concentrating tables. The testing results of the newly-designedcircular concentrating tables, designed and produced at the “Mekhanobr” Institute, are described in the paper.

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ArticleName Modeling of rock material crushing for crushed stone production
ArticleAuthors Aminov V. N., Kameneva E. E., Ustinov I. D.

Petrozavodsk State University (Petrozavodsk, Russia):

Aminov V. N., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,
Kameneva E. E., Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,


REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (St. Petersburg, Russia):
Ustinov I. D., Supervisor of the Research Training Center, Doctor of Chemiсal Sciences,

ArticleName The Kureyskoye deposit graphite mechano-thermochemical modification technology
ArticleAuthors Gilmanshina T. R., Koroleva G. A., Baranov V. N., Kovaleva А. А.

Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk, Russia):

Gilmanshina T. R., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Koroleva G. A., Associate Professor, Candidate of Сhemical Sciences,
Baranov V. N., Director of the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,
Kovaleva A. A., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName The sulphidemagnetite ores integrated processing technology
ArticleAuthors Mamonov S. V., Savin A. G., Metelev A. A., Gazaleeva G. I.

Tekhnical University of UGMK (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

Mamonov S. V., Head of Chair, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


UGMK — Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region, Russia):

Savin A. G., Deputy Director for Mining and Mineral Processing,


OJSC «Svyatogor» (Krasnouralsk, Sverdlovsk region, Russia):

Metelev A. A., Chief Engineer,


OJSC «Uralmekhanobr» (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

Gazaleeva G. I., Deputy General Director for Analytical Work, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName Porphyry copper ore different flotation regimes studies.
ArticleAuthors Asonchik K. М., Aksenova G. Ya., Maksimov I. I., Tasina Т. I.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Asonchik K. M., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Aksenova G. Ya., Leading Resercher, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
Maksimov I. I., Director for Research, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Tasina T. I., Senior Researcher

E-mail (common):

ArticleName Gravity concentration efficiency probabilistic estimate and mathematical design of extremal experiments
ArticleAuthor Bogdanovich A. V.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Bogdanovich A. V., Research Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName Dressability estimation by a flotation method based on the flotability fractions distribution analysis
ArticleAuthors Shekhirev D. V., Smaylov B. B., Muraitov D., Dumov А. М.

National University of Science and Technology «MISiS» (Moscow, Russia):
Shekhirev D. V., Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Smaylov B. B., Engineer;
Muraitov D., Graduate Student;
Dumov A. M., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

ArticleName Appraisal of titanium magnetite ores mineral composition effect upon magnetic concentration results
ArticleAuthors Kantemirov V. D., Titov R. S., Yakovlev A. M.

Institute of Mining, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

Kantemirov V. D., Quality Management Sector Chief, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Titov R. S., Researcher,
Yakovlev A. M., Researcher,

ArticleName Precious metals mineral forms determinations in Russia’s Far East ferriferrous manganese ores deposits
ArticleAuthors Kryukov V. G., Litvinova N. M., Lavrik N. A., Stepanova V. F.

Institute of Mining, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Khabarovsk, Russia):

Kryukov V. G., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Litvinova N. M., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Lavrik N. A., Senior Researcher,
Stepanova V. F., Engineer-mineralogist,

ArticleName Upon drive dynamics of vibratory machines with inertia excitation
ArticleAuthors Blekhman I. I., Blekhman L. I., Yaroshevich N. P.

Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Blekhman I. I., Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor,


REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (St. Petersburg, Russia):
Blekhman L. I., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


Lutsk National Technical University (Lutsk, Ukraine):
Yaroshevich N. P., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,

ArticleName Improvement of circular concentrating tables as development of gravity concentration methods
ArticleAuthors Vaisberg L. А., Kuskova Ya. V.

REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (St. Petersburg, Russia):
Vaisberg L. A., Company Scientific Advisor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,


Saint Petersburg Mining University (St. Petersburg, Russia):
Kuskova Ya. V., Assistant, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName P. V. Malyarov’s 70th birthday
ArticleName V. M. Sizyakov’s 80th birthday
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