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The 3rd issue of “Chernye metally” journal (2018) includes the most of its usual sections.


The first article was prepared by the specialists of Primetals technologies; it observes the possible simulation of the process of direct iron reduction without carbon dioxide emissions, based on usage of regenerated hydrogen. Expected power consumption is calculated. The authors presented in this paper their vision of general transition of the iron and steel industry to digital technologies in the framework if Industry 4.0 initiative.


The specialists of the National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” together with Taganrog Metallurgical Works displayed the results of usage of hot-briquetted iron (HBI) in charge materials, what is estimated as a good alternative to cast iron and expensive metal scrap.


Actual problems modernization of continuous caster mould undertaken by SMS group at the works of Tata Steel in Ijmuiden were displayed in the section “Continuous casting and foundry production”. E. Yarovaya and her colleagues investigated the efficiency of management of technological processes in foundry, taking into account the basic qualimetric principles.


Another paper in this issue presented by Primetals Technologies is devoted to the new possible ways for control of strip motion, allowing to decrease the number of technological downtimes and to improve geometric strip quality and precision.


Z. Portnaya and E. Tsirulnikov published the report about the XI congress of rollermen that has taken place in Magnitogorsk in October 2017.


“Tube making” section includes the paper about mastering of production facilities at 10-45 tube cold rolling mill in Pervouralsk. The mill was designed by VNIImetmash institute, and the technology was developed by Ural Federal University. High stability and productivity of tube rolling process were achieved. Another article presents brief information about current operating parameters of helical rolling mill at Vallourec plant that is specialized in prodiction of high-strength steels of premium class.


The issue also contains the papers in the sections “Surface coating and processing” and “Economics and finances”.

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ArticleName Analysis of sponge iron production with H2
ArticleAuthors M. Holling, M. Weng, S. Gellert

High school of applied knowledges (Hamburg, Germany):

M. Hölling, Dr. Eng., Prof., Chemical processing equipment, E-mail:


ArcelorMittal Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany):
M. Weng, Dr. Eng., Power manager
S. Gellert, Dr. Eng., Reduction equipmen

ArticleName Transition of the steelmaking industry to digital technologies
ArticleAuthors M. Ringhofer, G. Wimmer, J. F. Plaul, E. Tatschl-Unterberger, K. Herzog

Primetals Technologies (Linz, Austria):

M. Ringhofer, Dr., Sales manager, Industry 4.0 dept., e-mail:
G. Wimmer, Dr., Vice president on basic oxygen converter production
J. F. Plaul, Dr., Head of technological and know-how dept.
E. Tatschl-Unterberger, Mag. Eng., Vice president on service dept.
K. Herzog, Mag. Eng., Head of Industry 4.0 dept.

ArticleName Usage of hot-briquetted iron for steel making in electric arc furnaces
ArticleAuthors A. A. Korostelev, A. E. Semin, G. I. Kotelnikov, V. V. Emelyanov, I. S. Murzin

National University of Science and technology “MISiS” (Moscow, Russia):

A. A. Korostelev, e-mail:
A. E. Semin, Dr. Eng., Prof.
G. I. Kotelnikov, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof.


Taganrog Metallurgical Plant (Taganrog, Russia):
V. V. Emelyanov, Head of Laboratory of Engineering Technological Centre
I. S. Murzin, Chief Metallurgist

Continuous casting and foundry production
ArticleName Modernization of moulds to provide efficiency rise of continuous casting of 70 mm thin slabs
ArticleAuthors R. Schimmel, M. Kirchner

Tata Steel (Ijmuiden, Netherlands):

R. Schimmel


SMS Group (Düsseldorf, Germany):
M. Kirschner, e-mail:

ArticleName Modular roller assemblies for dual-strand continuous caster
ArticleName Quality improvement of continuously cast slabs, blooms and billets
Source Castolin
ArticleName Effective management of foundry technological processes
ArticleAuthors E. I. Yarovaya, I. O. Leushin, M. M. Spasskaya, M. A. Larin

Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University (Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia):

E. I. Yarovaya, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., the chair “Metallurgical equipment and technologies”, E-mail:
I. O. Leushin, Dr. Eng., Prof., Head of the chair “Metallurgical equipment and technologies”, E-mail:
M. M. Spasskaya, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., the chair “Metallurgical equipment and technologies”
M. A. Larin, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., the chair “Metallurgical equipment and technologies”

Rolling and other metal formng processes
ArticleName New system for strip motion control based on processing of video images during hot rolling
ArticleAuthors I. Gafur, M. Tunk, M. Kurz, V. Schlecht, H. Hlobil

Primetals Technologies Germany GmbH (Erlangen, Germany):

I. Gafur, e-mail:

M. Tunk

M. Kurz


Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe (Duisburg, Germany):
V. Schlecht, Dr.

Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH (Linz, Austria):
H. Hlobil

ArticleName Development of the forging equipment for processing of internal gutters
ArticleAuthor S. Reichert

IPH — Institute for Integrated Production (Hannover, Germany):

S. Reichert, e-mail:

ArticleName Review of the lectures presented in the sections of the XI Congress of Rollermen
ArticleAuthors Z. N. Portnaya, E. V. Tsirulnikov

Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia):

Z. N. Portnaya, Senior Researcher, e-mail:


«Ore and Metals» Publishing house:
E. V. Tsirulnikov, Deputy General Director, e-mail:

ArticleName The review to the monograph “Power and force rolling parameters for tram rails” by S. V. Smetanin and V. N. Peretyatko
ArticleName Mastering of tube cold pilger mill KhPT 10-45 for tubes of stainless steels in the conditions of “Pervouralsk New Tube (Novotrubny) works”
ArticleAuthors V. V. Maltsev, B. Ya. Mitberg, V. G. Mironov, I. N. Bazhukov, An. V. Serebryakov, Al. V. Serebrakov, A. A. Bogatov

Pervouralsk New Tube (Novotrubny) Works (Pervouralsk, Russia):

V. A. Maltsev, e-mail:
I. N. Bazhukov
An. V. Serebryakov, Cand. Eng., e-mail:

Russian Research Institute of Tube and Pipe Industries — Pervouralsk affiliate (Pervouralsk, Russia):
B. Ya. Mitberg, Cand. Eng.,
V. G. Mironov, Cand. Eng.


Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):
Al. V. Serebryakov, Cand. Eng.
A. A. Bogatov, Dr. Eng.

ArticleName Modern tubemaking fromhigh-strength premium class steels at Vallourec
Source Vallourec
Coating and surface treatment
ArticleName Hot dip galvanizing line in Bochum: 25 years of high-quality strip production
ArticleName Optimization of the furnace model at Segal galvanizing line
ArticleAuthor EMG Automation GmbH
Economics and finances
ArticleName Commercial streams of ferroalloys in Russia
ArticleAuthors G. Yu. Boyarko, V. Yu. Khatkov

Tomsk Polytechnical University (Tomsk, Russia):

G. Yu. Boyarko, Dr. Econ., Cand. Geol.-Mineral., Head of the Chair of Economics of Natural Resources, e-mail:


Gazprom PJSC (Moscow, Russia):
V. Yu. Khatkov, Head of Dept. 811

ArticleName Brexit as the long process without clear perspective
ArticleAuthor L. Subran

Euler Hermes Group (Paris, France):

L. Subran, Chief Economist, e-mail:

ArticleName China struggling for the technological leadership
ArticleAuthors J. Wubbeke, J. Ives

Mercator Institute for China Studies — Merics (Berlin, Germany):

J. Wuebbeke, Head of the Program of Economics and Technology, e-mail:
J. Ives, Scientific researcher

News of Metallurgical Companies
ArticleName Mixing equipment of Haver Engineering for preliminary granulation of coal dust
Source Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co. KG
ArticleName Contact-free laser measurement of steel strip shape
Source Ophir Spiricon Europe GmbH
ArticleName Optris infrared cameras with high resolution for temperature measuring above 900 °C
Source Optris GmbH
ArticleName Tinplate package recycling by thyssenkrupp
Source thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
ArticleName +Vladimir Andreyevich Romenec
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