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ArticleName Steel industry of the world
Development of metallurgy in Russia and other CIS countries
ArticleName Power engineering of usage of alternative energy carriers during melting in electric arc furnaces
ArticleAuthors V. Luzgin, K. Kosyrev, O. Komolova.
ArticleName Diffusion chromizing of ferrite-perlite gray iron
ArticleAuthors Yu. Gurevich, V. Frolov, V. Marfitsyn.
ArticleName Machine-tool industry and modernization of foundry production
ArticleAuthors S. Tkachenko, V. Krivitsky.
Ironmaking and steelmaking
ArticleName Model to calculate the amount of reducing agent at the production of hot metal
ArticleAuthors T. Tappeiner, W. L. Kepplinger, S. Schuster.
ArticleName Improved energy efficiency of electric arc furnace by laser-based optimization of post-combustion
ArticleAuthors K. Degreif, R. Pierre, M. Boh, U. Falkenreck.
Research and design works
ArticleName Steel ab initio — quantum mechanics guided design of new iron based alloys
ArticleAuthor W. Bleck
ArticleName Fatigue strength of welded components
ArticleAuthors K. Dilger, M. Vogt, E. Hanssen
Control, organization and production management
ArticleName Necessity of software improvement
Steel as a material
ArticleName Processing and use of the material steel
ArticleAuthors F.-J. Floβdorf, H.-J. Wieland
Economics and finances
ArticleName Intensive rise of prices for raw materials: danger for economical boom
ArticleAuthor H. Ju. Kerkhoff.
ArticleName Ecology versus sustainability — relevance for the steel industry
ArticleAuthors D. Ameling, G. Endeman, G. Kesseler
ArticleName Man and technology
ArticleAuthor H. Ju. Kerkhoff
ArticleName Steel production in the world
Education and training
ArticleName Complex approach to education of specialists during putting into practice careful production system
ArticleAuthors J. R. Strausberg, E. Ludwig, J. Deuse
ArticleName Scientific and technical news abroad
Metallurgical history
ArticleName Alloyed steel
ArticleAuthor Yu. Gurevich.
Journals →  Chernye Metally →  2010 →  #10