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The beginning articles in this issue are dedicated to the developments, test-operated at the facilities located in the North-Western region or specially designed for the operations in question.

The first article (the authors: А.N. Korovnikov, et al.) describes the results of the GST 72МТ screen testing in the OAO “Apatit” ANOF 3 Concentrator ore-crushing section; the screen has been developed by “Mekhanobr-Tekhnika” Research-and-Engineering Corporation, and is distinguished by a number of advantages over GST 72 modification. The testing results (stable achievement of 85 % screening efficiency on -16 mm size fraction at 1000 t/hr throughput) showed that the screen is very promising with regard to wide application in ore-preparation circuits at base and ferrous metals ore-dressing plants.

The article by N.А. Patkovskaya and Т.I. Tasina proposes the strategy of advanced modernization for the iron-ore operations in the North-Western region (OAO “Karelsky Okatysh”, OAO “Olkon” and OAO “Kovdorsky MCC”), providing for all-round utilization of the mineral raw materials, as well as diversification of production with marketable products range differentiation.

In the section “Beneficiation processes”, the article by М. Purevdash, et al., analyzing the interesting results of the experiments with a view to study the effect of silicate bacteria on structure and certain processing properties of silica-containing ores and their concentration products, may be noted.

Two articles in the section “Process Theory” are dedicated to the application of a promising computer modeling method for design of selectively-acting reagents and their efficiency checking – alkyl hydroxamic acids in sulfide ores flotation, (the article by P.М. Solozhenkin and О.I. Solozhenkin), and a mixture of sodium oleate and amido acid AMK-62 in flotation of apatite and calcite monomineral fractions (the article by N.F. Usmanova and V.I. Bragin).

The environmental subject is represented by the article by V. А. Chanturya, et al., dedicated to development of the galvano-coagulation copper and zinc recovery technology from mine and waste dump water, permitting to obtain water purified to MAC (maximum allowable concentration) norms and produce an extra quantity of metal. An economic effectiveness of the proposed technology is estimated. The same section presents press release on commissioning the first in Russia paste thickener, designed for operation in severe climatic conditions at the ZAO “Polus Zoloto” Blagodatnoye deposit gold-recovery plant. Commissioning was performed by the companies “Trane Tecknikk” and “Westech”.

The article by G.Т. Sazonov analyzes the main tendencies for the Russian metallurgy industry development, described in “The Russian metallurgy industry development strategy for the period until 2020”, worked out by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of other branches of government.

One of the tasks of the Strategy – assistance in organization of small business facilities in the Mine-and-Mill Complex – is reflected in the article by S.G. Cheburashkin, describing ZAO “Mineralintech” experience of successful participation in solution of a wide range of engineering tasks at the “Norilsk Nickel Mine-and-Mill Complex”.

The issue is ended with publications devoted to the anniversaries of the two eminent specialists of the “Mekhanobr” Institute – I.M. Abramobich and G.A. Finkelshtein, who made significant contributions to development of the Russian mining-and-processing machine-building industry.

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ArticleName OAO «Apatit» ore-preparation section improvement with application of upgraded GST-72МТ screen
ArticleAuthors Korovnikov А. N., Trofimov V. А., Gumenichenko K. M.
ArticleAuthorsData Korovnikov Aleksandr Nikolayevich, Sales Director, Equipment for Ore Materials Processing,; Trofimov Viktor Alekseevich, Нead of Department, NPK «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia); Gumenichenko Konstantin Mikhaylovich, Head of Mineral Processing Department, “Apatit” (PhosAgro) (Russia).
ArticleName The Russia North-West Region iron-containing ores processing technology improvement
ArticleAuthors Patkovskaya N. А., Tasina Т. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Patkovskaya Nataliya Andreevna, Chief Specialist,; Tasina Tat'yana Ivanovna, Senior Reseacher, Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia).
ArticleName Mechanism and kinetic specialties of fine-dispersed coal-concentration tailings flocculation
ArticleAuthors Golberg G. Yu., Palkin А. B., Vigdergauz V. Ye.
ArticleAuthorsData Golberg Grigoriy Yur’yevich, Associate Professor,; Palkin Andrey Borisovich, Senior Reseacher; Vigdergauz Vladimir Yevelevich, Chief Reseacher, Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources RAS (Russia).
ArticleName Effect of silicate bacteria on mineral constituents of commercial ores
ArticleAuthors Purevdash М., Saltykova S. N., Afanaschenko Ye. S., Telyakov N. М.
ArticleAuthorsData Purevdash Munkhtuyaa, Postgraduate,; Saltykova Svetlana Nikolayevna, Associate Professor,; Afanaschenko Yekaterina Sergeyevna, Graduate,; Telyakov Nail Mikhaylovich, Professor,, Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University) (Russia).
ArticleName Alkyl hydroxamic acids molecular models and molecular orbitals
ArticleAuthors Solozhenkin P. М., Solozhenkin О. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Solozhenkin Petr Mikhaylovich, Senior Researcher,, Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources RAS (Russia); Solozhenkin Oleg Igorevich, Student,, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, RAS (Russia).
ArticleName Supramolecular complex formation with interaction of carboxylic collector and amido acids group reagent in flotation
ArticleAuthors Usmanova N. F., Bragin V. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Usmanova Natal’ya Fergatovna, Reseacher,, +7 (391) 212-48-13, Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology SB RAS (Russia); Bragin Viktor Igorevich, Leading Reseacher, Siberian Federal University (Russia).
ArticleName Role of mineral structure and strength characteristics in ores disintegration and liberation
ArticleAuthor Khopunov E. A.
ArticleAuthorData Khopunov Eduard Afanasievich, Doctor of Engineering (Russia),
ArticleName Multipurpose apparatus for magnetic treatment of magnetite ores with a view to increase dry magnetic separation efficiency
ArticleAuthor Kilin V. I.
ArticleAuthorData Kilin Vladimir Ivanovich, Chief Specialist on Mineral Processing, Technical Direction,, tel. (3843) 70-63-65; Evrazruda (Russia).
ArticleName Technology of zinc recovery from mine and waste dump water
ArticleAuthors Chanturiya V. А., Shadrunova I. V., Orekhova N. N., Chalkova N. L.
ArticleAuthorsData Chanturiya Valentin Alekseyevich, Director; Shadrunova Irina Vladimirovna, Scientific Secretary,, tel. +7 (495) 360-54-17, Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources RAS (Russia); Orekhova Natal’ya Nikolayevna, Associate Professor,, tel.+7 (3519) 29-85-55, 29-85-40; Chalkova Natal’ya Leonidovna, Postgraduate,, Magnitogorsk State Technical University after G. I. Nosov (Russia).
ArticleName Commissioning the paste thickener 45 m in diameter
ArticleName Russian metallurgy industry development prospects
ArticleAuthor Sazonov G. Т.
ArticleAuthorData Sazonov Georgiy Tikhnovich, Chairman of the Board of Directors, President,, Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia).
ArticleName The small business contribution to mining-and-ore-dressing sector development of the «Norilsk Nickel Mine-and-Mill Complex» Transpolar Operation Unit
ArticleAuthor Cheburashkin S. G.
ArticleAuthorData Cheburashkin Stanislav Georgievich, Deputy Director,, Mineralintekh (Russia).
ArticleName Research and practice conference-exhibition «Mineral Processing—2010»
ArticleName Upon the 100th anniversary of the birth of Georgy Aleksandrovich Finkelshtein
ArticleName Upon the 110th anniversary of the birth of Ilya Matveevich Abramovich
ArticleName Advertisment. International scientific and technical conference «Ecology problems in mineral and raw material industry»
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