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The section “Ore Preparation” is represented by the article by А.А. Yatsenko, bringing up the subject of search for optimal shape of grinding bodies. The author proposes grinding media charge, chosen as a result of his observations of grinding balls wear. The article may raise an interest with a view to recommence the studies in that direction.

Among technological developments, an interesting study (the article by V.А. Sentemova, V.А. Dyubchenko) on the Thakhe deposit zinc-bearing iron ores preparation for metallurgical process stage (the only large magnetite ores deposit in Vietnam) is published. The physical-and-mechanical, as well as hydrometallurgical methods of zinc removal from concentrates proved to be inefficient. High-grade concentrates production for Direct Reduction of iron is recommended as most promising in the way of the deposit ores utilization.

Using high-informative Moessbauer spectroscopy and thermomagnetic analysis methods, the Lisakovskoye and Ayatskoye deposits’ brown iron ores concentrates magnetizing roasting products’ phase composition was studied (the article by А.А. Mukhtar et al.). The study permits to explain the reason for iron content increase in gravity-magnetic concentrate with its roasting over hydrocarbonic reducer.

Electromagnetic separator, described in the article by А.О. Mezenin et al., is designed for concentration of material with particle size below 75 microns. A vibrational fluidization effect, employed in this apparatus, lowers adhesion of fine particles and also decreases dry friction that hinders recovery of weak-magnetic particles.

The article generalizing the experience gained in the course of works related to the Udokan deposit and analyzing main design criteria for large-capacity processing plants will be useful for designing engineers (the authors – G. N. Smirnov, V. F. Baranov).

The issue is ended with a detailed report on the Plaksin Readings-2010 (the article by I.V. Shadrunova et al.): the discussed subjects are listed, promising developments are noted, the adopted decisions are presented.

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ArticleName Upon increase of ball mills efficiency based on application of combined grinding media charge
ArticleAuthor Yatsenko А. А.
ArticleAuthorData Yatsenko Аleksandr Аndreevich, Chief Specialist,, Sience Research and Design Institute TOMS (NIIPI TOMS).
ArticleName Preparation of difficultly-processed sulfide copper-zinc ores for concentration
ArticleAuthors Vlasov О. А., Mechev V. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Vlasov Оleg Аnatoliyevich, Professor, phone: 8 (391) 245-72-10,; Siberian Federal University (Russia); Mechev Valeriy Valentinovich, Chief Specialist, Professor, phone: 8 (499) 908-61- 28,, STC ECMEN (Russia).
ArticleName Resource-saving in chrysotile fiber production technology
ArticleAuthor Punenkov S. Ye.
ArticleAuthorData Punenkov Sergey Yevgeniyevich, Chief Process Engineer, phone: 8 (71435) 3-12-16, 7 (922) 024-57-27, Kostanajskie mineraly (Republic of Kazakhstan).
ArticleName The studies on the Thakhe deposit (Vietnam) iron ores dressability
ArticleAuthors Sentemova V. А., Dyubchenko V. А.
ArticleAuthorsData Sentemova Valentina Аrkadiyevna, Leading Reseacher,, Dyubchenko Vladimir Аleksandrovich, Project Director,, Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia).
ArticleName Calculation and determination of hydrocyclones characteristics
ArticleAuthor Klyachin V. V.
ArticleAuthorData Klyachin Vladislav Vladimirovich, Consultant, phone: +7 (343) 261-42-89, +7 (343) 347-60-39; FORES (Russia).
ArticleName Methods and technologies of ores selective softening by means of external physical effects
ArticleAuthor Khopunov E. А.
ArticleAuthorData Khopunov Eduard Afanasievich, Doctor of Engineering (Russia),
ArticleName Study of brown iron concentrates roasting products by Moessbauer spectroscopy and termomagnetic analysis methods
ArticleAuthors Mukhtar А. А., Bekturganov N. S., Korovushkin V. V., Verner I. А.
ArticleAuthorsData Mukhtar Аydarkhan Аkhuanly, Head of Laboratoty,, phone: 8 (7212) 43-16-21 Abishev Chemical-and-Metallurgical Institute (Republic of Kazakhstan); Bekturganov Nuraly Sultanovich, Chairman of the Board, phone: 8 (7172) 33-33-68, National Science and Technology Holding “Parasat” (Republic of Kazakhstan); Korovushkin Vladimir Vasiliyevich, Chief Reseacher, phone: 8 (495) 638-45-97, National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" (Russia); Verner Il’ya Аleksandrovich, General Director, phone: 8 (7213) 96-561, ArcelorMittal Temirtau (Republic of Kazakhstan).
ArticleName Electromagnetic separator for environmentally-friendly dry concentration of weak-magnetic finely impregnated ferrous metal ores
ArticleAuthors Mezenin А. О., Andreev Ye. Ye., Dmitriev S. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Mezenin Аnton Оlegovich, Postgraduate, phone: (812) 328-82-85,; Andreev Yevgeniy Yevgeniyevich, Associate Professor, phone: (812) 328-82-85,, Saint-Petersburg State Mining University (Russia); Dmitriev Sergey Viktorovich, Leading Engineer, phone: (812) 321-14-09,, REC “Mekhanobr-Tekhnika” (Russia).
ArticleName Automatic system for minimizing current and voltage waveform distortion in electric circuits of mining-and-processing and metallurgical facilities
ArticleAuthors Abramovich B. N., Sychyov Yu. А., Ustinov D. А.
ArticleAuthorsData Abramovich Boris Nikolayevich, Professor,, phone: +7 (812) 328-86-67; Sychyov Yuriy Аnatoliyevich, Assistant,, phone: +7 (812) 328-86-67; Ustinov Denis Аnatoliyevich, Associate Professor,, phone: +7 (812) 328-86-67, Saint-Petersburg State Mining University (Russia)
ArticleName Modern approaches to design of large-capacity processing plants by the example of the Udokan copper deposit
ArticleAuthors Smirnov G. N., Baranov V. F.
ArticleAuthorsData Smirnov Gennadiy Nikolayevich, Project Director, Baranov Viktor Fedotovich, Deputy General Director for Prospective Projects,, Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia).
ArticleName International conference «Scientific basis and state-of-the-art processes for integrated processing-and-utilization of difficultly-treated mineral raw materials» (Plaksin readings—2010)
ArticleAuthors Shadrunova I. V., Chekushina Т. V., Nasonova А. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Shadrunova Irina Vladimirovna, Scientific Secretary; Chekushina Тat’yana Vladimirovna, Scientific Secretary of Scientific Council on Mineral Processing Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences,, phone: + 7 (495) 360-84-65, Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources RAS (Russia); Nasonova Аlla Vladimirovna, Senior Librarian, The Library for Natural Sciences (LNS) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
ArticleName Drogobych. History. Legends. Temples
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