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The issue is opening with the article "Kinematics of rolled stock twisting in multi-roll passes of cone rolls" by R. F. Iskhakov, S. P. Burkin and A. V. Bryantsev. It considers the rolling method in passes of cone rolls for manufacture of simple sections using the following technological routes: round-square, square-round, square-square. The schemes of forming round and square roll passes are displayed. Simplified technique of calculation of specific and general twisting angles of rolled billet is suggested and obtained results are compared with experimental data.


I. O. Leushin and A. N. Grachev analyzed the main problems of casting and metallurgical production facilities in Nizhny Novgorod region and possible ways of their solution. Organizing, personnel and technical problems are classified and considered in details. Situation at production facilities is estimated, the principal causes of difficulties are revealed and possible ways of solving these problems and overcoming crisis appearances are suggested.


The results of XIX International scientific-technical conference "Tubes-2011" in Chelyabinsk are presented by V. Ya. Lifanov.


Among the foreign papers, we can attract attention of readers to the publication "Higher cost and resource efficiencies during stainless steelmaking in an EAF" by V. Yu. Risonarta, M. Kirschen, Th. Echterhof et al. In this research study, the empirical model ofchromium concentrations of tapped steel fromEAF was successfully developed. The empirical model outlined in this paper can be used for a future industrial application atLevel-2 and Level-3 of steel plants.


G. Arvedi in his paper "One year operation experience of Arvedi ESP endless rolling" observed new ESP (Endless Strip Production) line started operation with a fully endless process from the caster to the downcoiler for the production of quality carbon steel coils in gauges down to 0.8 mm. The ISP process has evolved and improved and after 18 years of development has realized the original idea of a completely endless process, ESP.

The business of industrial furnaces in a transition phase was the theme of the article by H. Stumpp. In the foreseeable future the market of furnaces for the steel will not reach its pre-crisis levels. Currently a strong growth of the capital expenditures of the automotive and machine building industry in parts of Europe as well as in China are observed.

The problem of emissions at metallurgical plants is analyzed by G. Moffat. The European steel industry reduced emissions per ton of steel by about 50 % between 1970 and 2005. Projects such as ULCOS (Ultra Low CO2 Steelmaking), with several promising new technologies to further reduce emissions from steelmaking, will need heavy investment if they are to be successful. However, the absurdity of the EU’s policy is that the revenues from auctioning of CO2 allowances and other eco-taxes do not flow back to serve the proclaimed goal of converting the economy as quickly and smoothly as possible into a low-carbon economy with competitive energy prices.

Economical section os presented by the publication "Steel can be relied on" by H.-J. Kerkhoff. He showed that the global steel market started on a strong note into the year.The steel industry has taken greatstrides to leave the crisis behind italready in 2010: crude steel productionincreased by 15 % and rose toa new high level of 1.412 billion t. However, this growth also varies considerably from regionto region within the European Union: while in Germany andPolandsteel demand will at leastbe able to reach the high values of2006 again in 2011/2012, in Spain itwill remain more than 40 % belowthe pre-crisis level.


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Название Steel industry of the world
Development of metallurgy in Russia and other CIS countries
Название Kinematics of rolled stock twisting in multi-roll passes of cone rolls
Авторы R. F. Iskhakov, S. P. Burkin, A. V. Bryantsev.
Информация об авторах

R. F. Iskhakov, CJSC Research and Production Enterprise "MASHPROM"; S. P. Burkin, Ur. Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin; A. V. Bryantsev, CJSC Research and Production Enterprise "MASHPROM", Russia; iskhakov@mashprom.ru

Название The main problems of casting and metallurgical production facilities in Nizhny Novgorod region and possible ways of their solution
Авторы I. O. Leushin, A. N. Grachev.
Информация об авторах

Dr. Eng., Prof. I. O. Leushin, Head of Chair; Ph.D., Assistant Prof. A. N. Grachev, Deputy Head of Chair, Chair “Casting and Metallurgical Processes and Alloys”, Nizhny Novgorod Technical University named after R. E. Alekseeva, Russia; igoleu@yandex.ru

Название New tubemaking technologies and technical regulation in the CIS countries united by customs union (the results of XIX International scientific-technical conference “Tubes-2011” in Chelyabinsk)
Автор V. Ya. Lifanov.
Название In Memoriam of Alexandr Ivanovich Tselikov
What the foreign metallurgists are discussing?
Название European heavy engineering industry needs to have its test fields on the doorstep (the interview with M. Colvi, General Director of Paul Wurth S.A., Chairman of the EUnited Metallurgy Board — European Metallurgical Equipment Association)
Название Innovations of SMS Group
Автор D. Rosenthal.
Информация об авторе

D. Rosenthal, Member of the Board of Directors; SMS Siemag AG; redaktion@stahleisen.de

Iron and Steel Making
Название Higher cost and resource efficiencies during stainless steelmaking in an EAF
Авторы V. Yu. Risonarta, M. Kirschen, Th. Echterhof, H. P. Yung, S. Lenz, Ch. Beiler, H. Pfeifer.
Информация об авторах

V. Yu. Risonarta, Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH, Germany; M. Kirschen, RHI AG Process Technology and Systems Solutions, Austria; H. P. Yung; S. Lenz; Ch. Beiler, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH, Germany; Th. Echterhof; H. Pfeifer., Chair of Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Germany; victor.y.risonarta@googlemail.com

Continuous Casting
Название One year operation experience of Arvedi ESP endless rolling
Автор G. Arvedi.
Информация об авторе

G. Arvedi, The President of AcciaieriaArvediSpA, Cremona, Italy; andrea.bianchi@ast.arvedi.it

Название New concept of continuous caster decreases the terms of designing and engineering works
Название The business of industrial furnaces in a transition phase
Автор H. Stumpp.
Информация об авторе

Dr. H. Stumpp, President of LOI Italimpianti; redaktion@stahleisen.de

Название Reversing cold rolling mill for strip
Power Engineering and Ecology
Название Germany: the leader in creation of Smart Grids
Автор K. Jopp.
Информация об авторе

K. Jopp, Special correspondent, Hamburg; redaktion@stahleisen.de

Название Europe must steel itself to rethink its unilateral emissions policy
Автор G. Moffat.
Информация об авторе

G. Moffat, Gen. Manager of European Confederation of Ferrous Metallurgy (Eurofer); redaktion@stahleisen.de

Название Monitoring and optimization of power flows in iron and steel industry
Research and design works
Название Reinventing automotive steel
Economics and finances
Название Steel can be relied on
Автор H. J. Kerkhoff.
Информация об авторе

H. J. Kerkhoff, President of "Steel" Economical Union, Chairman of the Board of Steel Institute VDEh, Düsseldorf; redaktion@stahleisen.de

Название Steel production worldwide
Metallurgical history
Название Steel writes the history
Автор A. Schwartz.
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