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Non-ferrous Metals

ArticleName Role of All-Russian Research Institute of Chemical Technology in Development of Raw-Material Base of Rare and Nonferrous Metals
ArticleAuthor V. V. Shatalov
ArticleName Mineralogical and Technological Mapping of Uranium Deposits of the Streltsovskoe Ore Field
ArticleAuthors A. L. Nikolsky, P. V. Pribytkov, N. I. Volkov, B. N. Khomentovsky, A. V. Boitsov, A. S. Shulgin

A. A. Deryzgin, A. V. Zavarzin, G. F. Ivanov, V. N. Gordeev, M. G. Larina took part in the works.

ArticleName Mineralogical Zonality and Types of Ores of Elkonskoe Ore Field
ArticleAuthors A. L. Nikolsky, G. I. Birka, A. V. Tarkhanov, P. V. Pribytkov, A. S. Shulgin
ArticleName Use of High-Gradient Magnetic Separation in Processing Mineral Products and ManCaused Feedstock
ArticleAuthors S. M. Ryakhovsky, V. A. Boldyrev, V. V. Shatalov
ArticleName Leaching of Uranium and Complex Ores
ArticleAuthors V. V. Shatalov, I. P. Smirnov, A. A. Matveev, K. M. Smirnov
ArticleName Uranium Underground Leaching and Ways of Its Improvement
ArticleAuthors V. V. Shatalov, M. I. Fazlullin
ArticleName Use of Sediment Fluidized Bed for Separating Processes in Hydrometallurgy of Uranium and Others Metals
ArticleAuthor V. A. Tolkachev

A. A. Aksenov, L. A. Rudenko, A. A. Bulanov took part in the studies and application of the process in the industry.

ArticleName Production of Scandium Compounds during Complex Processing of Different Ores
ArticleAuthors V. V. Shatalov, V. I. Nikonov, L. G. Soloviova, A. P. Parshin
ArticleName Plasma Technologies as Wasteless Non-Polluting Processes to Produce Oxides or Metals
ArticleAuthors A. V. Ivanov, V. A. Seredenko, V. V. Shatalov
ArticleName Experience of Producing Metal with the Use of Vacuum Induction Furnaces with Cold Crucibles and Prospects of Their Application
ArticleAuthors V. T. Gotovchikov, V. A. Seredenko, I. V. Osipov
ArticleName Development of HighTech for Power Industry of the Future – Solar Photoelectric Power
ArticleAuthors Yu. K. Kvaratskheli, M. F. Svidersky
ArticleName Synthesis and Purification from Impurities of Silicon Tetrafluoride and Boron Trifluoride
ArticleAuthors V. I. Nikonov, M. F. Sviderskii, Yu. K. Kvaratskheli, O. D. Khorozova
Journals →  Non-ferrous Metals →  2004 →  #3