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Название Enhancement of rock bolt performance through “active” ground control
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.01.05
Автор Razumov E. A., Kalinin S. I., Venger V. G., Pudov E. Yu.
Информация об авторе

VNIMI Siberian Branch’s Prokopyevsk Division, Prokopyevsk, Russia:

E. A. Razumov, Director, vnimi@inbox.ru
S. I. Kalinin, Deputy Director of Long-Term Development, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
V. G. Venger, Deputy Director


Kuzbass State Technical University’s Prokopyevsk Division, Prokopyevsk, Russia:
E. Yu. Pudov, Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


The research has proved that rock mass stability can be ensured using steel resin rock bolting including rods, fast-setting resin capsules, bearing plates, strapping and tension nuts. Interaction of these structural components with roof rocks and sidewalls involves obligatory displacement of rocks. The article presents the studies into applicability of steel resin rock bolting in difficult geological conditions in coal mines in Kuzbass. The steel resin rock bolting is considered in this case as the method of ‘active’ ground control. The ‘active’ ground control consists in the capacity of steel resin rock bolts to alter main strength characteristics of rocks, to increase their resistance and stability, and, thereby, to ensure efficiency of roof support. It is found that horizontal and vertical stresses in underground excavations depend on the mining depth. It is proved that rock bolts installed in the roof rocks can prevent or confine rock fracture.

Ключевые слова Underground excavations, steel resin rock bolts, horizontal and vertical stresses, active methods, control, pressure
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