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ArticleName Geomechanical characteristic of ventilation shaft VS-3 in Oktyabrsky mine during extraction of mineral reserves from protective pillar
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.01.11
ArticleAuthor Marysyuk V. P., Darbinyan T. P., Andreev A. A., Vilner M. A.

NorNickel’s Polar Division, Norilsk, Russia:

V. P. Marysyuk, Chief Geotechnical Engineer—Director of Center for Geodynamic Safety, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
T. P. Darbinyan, Director of Mining Practice Department


Center for Geomechanics and Mining Practice, Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:
A. A. Andreev, Leading Engineer
M. A. Vilner, Engineer, Post-Graduate Student


The strain analysis procedure is discussed in terms of a vertical mine shaft under the impact of extraction of ore reserves from protective pillar in Oktyabrsky mine of NorNickel’s Polar Division. The procedure is used in predictive strain analysis in depth of the shaft in case of different scenarios of protective pillar mining in ventilation shaft No. 3. The calculations show impossibility of preservation of shaft VS-3. Based on the prediction, it was decided on the early analysis of ventilation alternatives in the mine without involvement of shaft VS-3. The implemented research saved significant assets from spending on the shaft maintenance in the period of extraction of ore reserves from the protective pillar. Moreover, the time allowance until disability of shaft VS-3 enables scheduled planning and construction of access gateways to ensure the required ventilation mode in the mine.
The authors appreciate participation of D. A. Kotikov, S. Yu. Shilenko, V. V. Balandin, M. P. Sergunin, A. V. Kulov, V. N. Andreev and A. K. Ustinov in the study.

keywords Shaft, protective pillar, undermining, ground surface movement, rock mass deformation, subsidence, displacement, limit strains, shaft support

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