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ArticleName Underground operations in Internatsionalny mine rock mass susceptible to gas dynamic phenomena
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.01.13
ArticleAuthor Vyunikov A. A., Vorozhtsov S. G., Pul E. K., Khoyutanova N. V.

Dynamic Phenomena Prediction and Prevention Service, Internatsionalny Mine, Mirny Mining and Processing Plant, ALROSA, Mirny, Russia:

A. A. Vyunikov, Deputy Chief Engineer–Head
S. G. Vorozhtsov, Deputy Head
N. V. Khoyutanova, Geophysicist

ALROSA, Mirny, Russia:

E. K. Pul, Chief Geotechnical Engineer,


Starting from 2019 extraction of diamond ore reserves from Internatsionalnaya pipe by Internatsionalny mine of ALROSA is carried out in complex geological and geomechanical conditions. Geodynamic situation is complicated by a few gas dynamic phenomena of different nature and scale recorded. The investigation results on gas release dynamics from dolomite rock mass during drivage of Spiral decline, in a test site on level.-802/-820 m in case of prediction and prevention measures undertaken to combat gas dynamic phenomena are presented. The dynamic characteristics of gas in outburst-hazardous dolomite rocks are calculated by the initial velocity of gas release. Efficiency of the current outburst hazard prediction method using facility MIG-Ts1 is proved. At the same time, it is necessary to perform additional studies to collect sufficient statistics and reliable data on gas release and gas pressure during drivage operations in the mine.
The authors appreciate participation of Deputy CEO of VostNII Science Center, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor V. S. Zykov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor A. V. Dzhigrin, Director of Research Center for Applied Geomechanics and Convergent Technologies in Mining at NUST MISIS College of Mining, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. A. Eremenko and Director of VNIMI’s Kemerovo Division, Candidate of Engineering Sciences P. V. Grechishkin.

keywords Internatsionalny mine, gas dynamic phenomena, outbursts, stresses, advance shooting, breakage, blasting

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