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ArticleName Full-scale tests and application of NPGM emulsion explosive at ALROSA
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.02.07
ArticleAuthor Bondarenko I. F., Zyryanov I. V., Nikitin R. Ya.

Yakutniproalmaz Institute, ALROSA, Mirny, Russia:

I. F. Bondarenko, Academic Secretary, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
R. Ya. Nikitin, Senior Researcher at Rock Fracture Sector

Mirny Polytechnic Institute (Division), Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Mirny, Russia:

I. V. Zyryanov, Head of a Chair, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


ALROSA performs blasting operations mainly using explosives manufactured on the spot. Considering modern trends of using local manufacture explosives, Company’s experience of application of emulsion explosives, as well as prompt introduction of technological innovations, novel process solutions are utilized in manufacture and use of emulsion explosives. To this effect, Udachny Mining and Processing Plant constructed and commissioned a plant to manufacture non-explosive components for emulsion explosives within the Plant’s infrastructure area. Emulsion explosives enable blasting in open pit and underground mines which are assumed hazardous in terms of oil and gas shows. Within the framework of technical upgrading at MMLT-500-PR Plant, the investment project on construction and commissioning of a modular production line to manufacture packaged emulsion explosives has been implemented. The field trials of NPGM grade emulsion explosive has proved the economic and production efficiency of blasting using this explosive in open pit and underground mining. This article presents the results of testing and application of NPGM emulsion explosive during blasting in open pit and underground mines of ALROSA. The outcomes of pilot explosions using this type explosive as the main borehole and chain charges, as well as intermediate detonators in full-scale conditions of an underground mine and in an open pit are described. The proposed technology features higher operational efficiency and is applicable in various geotechnical conditions of mineral mining.

keywords Packaged emulsion explosives, drilling-and-blasting, intermediate detonator, borehole and chain charges

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