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ArticleName Increasing the yield of coarse coal fractions in shearing
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.02.13
ArticleAuthor Nguyen V. S., Nguyen K. L., Lykov Yu. V.

Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

V. S. Nguyen, Post-Graduate Student
K. L. Nguyen, Post-Graduate Student
Yu. V. Lykov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


Coal is one of the most valued minerals which are important to advance the power engineering, metallurgy, chemistry and other industries in Vietnam. The complex structure of coal seams increases mining expenses and decreases extractability of coal. For this reason, it is of the current concern in Vietnam to improve and intensify low-technology coal production at the preset face output, specific energy consumption, grain size composition and rate of coal extraction. An emphasis is currently laid on an increase in coal production. By 2030 it is planned to double the coal output versus the present-day level. In the country, coal is predominantly cut by drum shearers, which, aside from considerable power input, requires much material and labor to suppress explosive coal dust. Enhancement of productivity, improvement of gain size composition, as well as reduction in energy input and dust generation are possible in case of application of integrated measures including design improvement of cutters and loaders, cutter patterns, etc. The authors have implemented appropriate studies and developed an approach to shear design and operation optimization.

keywords Coal, underground mining, shearer, shearer drum, cutters, shear shape, cutter pattern, grain size composition

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