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ArticleName Construction and operation of batching plants in difficult geological conditions of Upper Kama potash mines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.04.07
ArticleAuthor Aptukov V. N., Tarasov V. V., Pestrikova V. S., Ivanov O. V.

VNII Galurgii, Perm, Russia:

V. N. Aptukov, Chief Researcher, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
V. V. Tarasov, Head of Laboratory of Mine Shaft Construction and Operation, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
V. S. Pestrikova, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
O. V. Ivanov, Leading Engineer


Scenarios of the component arrangement of batching plants in the system of a vertical mine shaft are discussed. The features of operation of batching plants in vertical shafts of potash mines are identified. The actual recorded damages generated in the lining of batching plants in the course of their longterm operation in potash mines are described. The geomechanical researches aimed to determine vertical convergence in batching rooms of mine shafts, as well as for monitoring of crack opening and displacements in sidewalls in the batching chambers are presented. The major results of the full-scale geomechanical observations are reported, and the main causes of fractures in concrete and reinforced concrete lining at junctures of shafts and batching rooms and shaft bins are identified. The set of the engineering solutions implemented for the protection of lining in batching facilities during construction of mine shafts is described, and its efficiency is evaluated. The mathematical modeling is carried out to estimate various negative impacts on deformation and fracture of concrete lining in shafts with regard to the time factor. From the modeling results, the dominant cause of concrete lining damage in batching chambers and in mine shaft is found. Based on the accomplished research results and actual long-term experience of operation of mine shafts, the most favorable factors are determined for the best design choices in construction and long-term maintenance-free operation of batching plants in potash mines of the Upper Kama Potash–Magnesium Salt Deposit.

keywords Mine shaft, batching plant, shaft bin, salt rock mass creep, concrete lining, cast iron concrete lining, yielding layer, juncture

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