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ArticleName Innovative technology of enhancing metallurgical value of concentrates at Stoilensky GOK (Mining and Processing Plant)
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.06.06
ArticleAuthor Gzogyan S. R., Gzogyan T. N., Lifanov D. V., Cherednichenko M. V.

Belgorod State University, Belgorod, Russia:

S. R. Gzogyan, Senior Researcher
T. N. Gzogyan, Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


Stoilensky GOK, Stary Oskol, Russia:
D. V. Lifanov, Project Manager at Development Engineering Office of Ore Division
M. V. Cherednichenko, Chief Dressing Expert at Engineering Office of Directorate


The major trend of the present day in the mining and processing sector is high quality of products under increasing competition both in the domestic and international market. The methods of obtaining high-quality products from rougher concentrates are commonly known. High-quality products suitable for immediate metallization enjoy an increasing demand. This article describes an innovative technology developed and commercially approved for enhancing metallurgical value of magnetite concentrates obtained by magnetic gravity separation of ferruginous quartzite of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. Applicability of the technology to obtaining high-quality products from finely disseminated ferruginous quartzite from Stoilensky field for the immediate metallization is assessed. The commercial test data and the optimized conditions of the technology application in production of magnetite concentrates at Stoilensky GOK are presented.

keywords Stoilensky GOK, ferruginous quartzite, magnetic gravity separation, ferromagnetic particles, concentrate, liquid waste, spigot product, magnetic field strength, productive capacity

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