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ArticleName The concepts of method and technique in mining
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.07.01
ArticleAuthor Prokopenko S. A., Linnik V. Yu., Sobolev V. V., Ludzish V. S.

VostNII Science Center, Kemerovo, Russia:

S. A. Prokopenko, Leading Researcher, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
V. V. Sobolev, Deputy CEO, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
V. S. Ludzish, Leading Researcher, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

State University of Management, Moscow, Russia:

V. Yu. Linnik, Associate Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences


The mining science and mining industry often use the terms of technique, technology, method and methodology. However, the notions of these terms are yet uncertain. These terms are often messed, and the meanings of the results and predictions are distorted. The present research allows a deeper insight into the concepts of method, technique, methodology and technology. We improve definitions of these notions. Their structures are exhibited, and the difference between a method and a technique is exposed. Methodology and technology are similar on a system basis as the relevant instruments of mental and physical work with various challenges and unclear results. The essences of some concepts critical in mining are disclosed. Some definitions are proposed: method is a finite sequence of different intellectual operations which alter perceptions till advent of a new reasoning; technique is a finite sequence of different physical operations which alter substance up to a new physical state (form); methodology is a scientifically and methodically founded system of elaboration of inferences on a complex problem, which stage-by-stage and multiply clarifies consciousness until vision of a remote desired result appears; technology is a technically and technologically sound system of physical operations included in stage-by-stage and multiple transformation of a substance to its remote desired state (form). The hierarchy chart is developed, and the scopes of the discussed notions are shown. The studies provide more intimate knowledge on the subject to mining engineers and scientists, and improve interpretation of the discussed notions and their scopes.
The authors highly appreciate the participation of Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences H. U. Li, VostNII Science Center, in this paper preparation.

keywords Mining science, mining industry, method, technique, methodology, technology, sequence of operations, perception, substance, work

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