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ArticleName Improvement of dissociation efficiency of limestone fines using vibration pneumoseparation
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.07.12
ArticleAuthor Bardovsky A. D., Gerasimova A. A., Sutupov P. V.

NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

A. D. Bardovsky, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
A. A. Gerasimova, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
P. V. Sutupov, Student


This paper presents the results of research into dissociation of minerals on a vibro-pneumatic separator composed of a series of cascade sections through which the classified material passes. Formation of the two-phase air flow in the working space of the separator is examined, and the causes of settling of small particles on the walls of the separator housing are analyzed. From the theoretical findings and experimental proof, dissociation efficiency of fines increases exponentially with growing frequency and amplitude of vibration effect on the body of the pneumatic separator. With the increasing amplitude and frequency of vibrations of the separator housing walls, the speed of particle settling on the walls decreases, which enhances the separation efficiency. The greatest effect is achieved when the vibrator is mounted on the front wall of the separator. This can be explained by turbulization of gas flow in the wall area due to the vibration effect exerted on it by the front wall. Vibration of the walls of the pneumatic separator leads to leveling of concentration of particles along the channel section and, consequently, to reduction in the number of fine particles settled. It is established that the maximum efficiency of separation of limestone waste from the Khomyakovsky Deposit by the boundary size of 1 mm is achieved with the following combinations of vibration parameters of the separator body: vibration amplitude A = 2.5 mm; vibration frequency ω = 250 s–1.

keywords Mineral raw materials, pneumatic separator, turbulent pulsations, fine particles, separator body, amplitude, vibration frequency, separation efficiency

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