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ArticleName History of creation of domestic non-ferrous metallurgy and its role in providing the artillery production centers in Russia with non-ferrous metals in the ХVІ–ХVІІІ centuries
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2021.09.10
ArticleAuthor Bobkov V. A.

Bryansk Branch of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Bryansk, Russia:

V. A. Bobkov, Associate Professor of Chair for Theory, History of State and Law and Humanities, Doctor of Historical Sciences, e-mail:


The article summarizes, systematizes and analyzes the documentary material on the history of creation and development of domestic non-ferrous metallurgy at the modern scientific and methodological level. The dynamics of transformation of its role in providing the centers of artillery production in Russia with non-ferrous metals in the ХVІ–ХVІІІ centuries is shown. At the same time, new historical materials on the history of Russian artillery production not having been put into scientific circulation were attracted. The main sources of supply of non-ferrous metals intended for use in domestic centers of artillery production are identified. The formation of the legislative framework regulating the turnover of non-ferrous metals in Russia is characterized. It is shown that the solution of key issues of providing the centers of artillery production in Russia with non-ferrous metals in the ХVІ–ХVІІІ centuries. largely depended on the support of the central government. Ivan III and Ivan IV had an initial positive impact on the settlement of issues analyzed in the article. Their initiatives were continued by Peter I, who completed the creation of a system of mining and processing of non-ferrous metals in Russia. In the first half of the ХVІІІ century. our state has freed itself from foreign dependence in the field of metal supplies. In the last quarter of the ХVІІІ century Catherine II did much in the field considered by the author. During her reign, the infrastructure of metal turnover was created between the non-ferrous metal mining (processing) industries and domestic artillery production centers.

keywords Arsenal, artillery, bronze, copper, tin, guns, non-ferrous metals, national non-ferrous metallurgy

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