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ArticleName A Resource-Saving Process for Obtaining Sulfoferrite Clinkers and the Properties of Cements Made with Them Involving the Use of Metallurgical Waste
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2021.11.03
ArticleAuthor Ruziev N. R., Iskandarova M. I., Mironyuk N. A., Makhsudova N. D.

Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat JSC, Navoi, Republic of Uzbekistan:

N. R. Ruziev, Head of the Investment Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, e-mail:


Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Navoi, Republic of Uzbekistan:

M. I. Iskandarova, Principal Researcher, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
N. A. Mironyuk, Senior Researcher
N. D. Makhsudova, Junior Researcher


Processing of metallurgical raw materials — especially those with high concentrations of sulphur — is associated with huge amounts of waste, which can be used as the principal component in the production of materials for various industries. This paper describes the results of development work that dealt with high-reactivity raw mixes and the resource-saving production of cryoannealed sulfoferrite clinkers when natural and mining, metallurgical and chemical wastes are comprehensively used as components. The properties of cements made with the above waste components were also studied. It was found that high-grade cements can be obtained due to the hydraulic activity of cement mixes obtained from clinkers that were produced by annealing of optimum-composition three-component raw mixes containing limestone, phosphogypsum and hematite. The conducted study confirms that metallurgical waste can serve as an efficient material for the production of high-strength materials made with sulfoalumoferrite cements. The optimum parameters for the production of sulfoalumoferrite clinkers and cements made on their basis were found to be as follows: КН = 0.667, nS = 1.5–2.0 and the annealing temperature of 1,150–1,200 оС. The hydraulic activity of sulfoalumoferrite cements obtained from clinkers that were produced by annealing of optimum-composition three-component raw mixes containing limestone, phosphogypsum and hematite ensures that such cements are of M400 and M500 grades. The samples have a rather high strength, as well as high sulphate and wear resistance.

keywords Phosphogypsum, hematite, waste carbonates, lime, raw mix, cryoannealing, sulfoferrite clinker, new type of cement, physico-mechanical pro perties

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