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Pipe production
Название Plasticity resource of high-chrome 08Kh13N4M1F steel when pressing
DOI 10.17580/chm.2021.12.10
Автор A. V. Vydrin, A. S. Zhukov, A. S. Tumashev, M. A. Pavlova
Информация об авторе

RusNITI JSC (Chelyabinsk, Russia):

A. V. Vydrin, Dr. Eng., Professor, Deputy General Director for Research1, e-mail: VydrinAV@rosniti.ru
M. A. Pavlova, Senior Engineer, Laboratory of Simulation of Technological Processes, e-mail: pavlova@rosniti.ru


Volzhsky Pipe Plant (Volzhsky, Russia):

A. S. Zhukov, Quality Director, e-mail: ZhukovAS@vtz.ru
A. S. Tumashev, Leading Engineer Technologist, e-mail: TumashevAS@vtz.ru


The use of pipes made of high-chromium steel grades in developing oil and gas fields is an important task. The unique properties of the material make pipes indispensable under certain operating conditions in comparison with the same pipes made of carbon, low-alloy and alloy steel grades. However, at the same time, they have a reduced ductility during hot forming. In this work, in order to assess the probability of cracking during hot pressing of pipes made of high-chromium steel grades, the developed method of constructing diagrams of the plasticity of metals and alloys in the hot state for 08Kh13N4M1F steel grade is used. The technique was implemented using a modern testing complex Gleeble 3800. Compression, tensile and torsion tests were carried out at various temperatures. For each test, an assessment of the accumulated degree of deformation was carried out. The obtained data were put into the QForm 3D software package. Based on the processing of the computer simulation results, dependences were obtained that describe the change along the deformation zone when pressing of the stress state index, the intensity of the shear strain rates, and the temperature of the metal being pressed. On the basis of the data obtained, the curves of the dependence of the degree of plastic resource utilization on the deformation temperature were constructed. A metallographic study of 08Kh13N4M1F steel grade revealed the formation of δ-ferrite at hot deformation temperatures, which made it possible to draw conclusions about the most rational pressing temperature. The developed technical proposals, which ensure a decrease in the likelihood of cracking on the surface of hot-pressed pipes, were tested using computer modeling of the pressing process and during experimental pressing.

Ключевые слова High-chromium steels, ductility resource, pressing, QForm, computer simulation, Gleeble 3800, matrix shape, plastometric data of steel, δ-ferrite.
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