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Pipe production
Название Results of studying the properties and modes of manufacturing pipes from TMK-S alloy
DOI 10.17580/chm.2021.12.11
Автор K. Yu. Yakovleva, N. V. Fokin, B. V. Barichko, Ya. I. Kosmatskiy
Информация об авторе

RusNITI JSC (Chelyabinsk, Russia):
K. Yu. Yakovleva, Cand. Eng., Senior Researcher
N. V. Fokin, Researcher
B. V. Barichko, Cand. Eng., Leading Researcher
Ya. I. Kosmatskiy, Dr. Eng., Head of the Laboratory for drawing and pressing, Deputy head of the Seamless Pipes Section in the Pipe Manufacturing Technology Department, e-mail: kosmatski@rosniti.ru


The article presents the results of mastering the production of one of the unique niche products of PJSC “Pipe Metallurgical Company” (PJSC “TMK”) - seamless cold-worked tubing and casing pipes, couplings made of high-alloy chromium-nickel alloy of strength group P110 (hereinafter TMK-S alloy) with a gas-tight threaded joint of our own brand from the TMK UP line, intended for the production of gas and gas condensate containing hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide at the fields of PJSC GAZPROM. The main factors of achieving the required level of properties, significant parameters affecting the character of hardening of the TMK-S alloy during cold deformation are considered, and also the curves of hardening of the TMK-S alloy, which qualitatively reflect this effect. The results of the pilot industrial development of the production of pipes from the TMK-S alloy in the conditions of PJSC “TMK” are summarized. Specific features of the technology and modes of a number of main and auxiliary operations have been clarified in order to achieve the required level of mechanical properties of pipes made of TMK-S alloy. Technical requirements for the developed pipe products have been updated.

Ключевые слова High-alloy chromium-nickel alloy, strength group P110, seamless pipes and couplings, hot-pressed conversion pipe, cold-worked pipe, hardening, degree of deformation, chemical composition, type of the cold reduction tube mill, surface quality, technical conditions
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