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Metal Rolling and Other Metal Processing Processes
Название Investigation of surface strain hardening of the barrel of back-up rolls in the finishing group of a broadband hot rolling mill
DOI 10.17580/chm.2023.02.04
Автор D. Yu. Ermushin, N. L. Bolobanova
Информация об авторе

Cherepovets State University, Cherepovets, Russia:

D. Yu. Ermushin, Postgraduate Student, Dept. of Mathematical and Software Support of Computers, e-mail: diuermushin@chsu.ru


Cherepovets State University, Cherepovets, Russia1 ; RAS Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science named after A. A. Baikov, Moscow, Russia2:

N. L. Bolobanova, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Dept. of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Technological Equipment1, Doctoral Candidate2, e-mail: nlbolobanova@chsu.ru


The article is devoted to the consideration of the solution of an important issue of predicting the surface strain hardening of the barrel of back-up rolls for the campaign. When operating back-up rolls with a working layer of steel containing 5 % chromium or more, the main criterion in determining the amount of removal during regrinding is the requirement to remove the hardening of the barrel. The value of surface strain hardening of the back-up roll barrel determines the regrinding parameters, the possibility of achieving a high roll time and increasing the volume of the rolling campaign. The results of numerical simulation of the stress-strain state of the back-up roll barrel by the finite element method depending on the intensity of the work of the roll during the campaign in the stand of a continuous wide-strip hot rolling mill are presented. A dependence has been established that makes it possible to predict the surface strain hardening of the back-up roll barrel on the length of the rolled strip and the average linear load in the rollto-roll contact along the mill stands. The results of an industrial experiment on measuring the hardening of roll barrels along the stands of a continuous wide-strip hot rolling mill 2000 of PJSC Severstal are presented. A correspondence between the results of numerical and industrial experiments is obtained. The established dependence of determining the value of the increase in the hardness of the back-up roll barrels by the stands of the finishing group of the mill 2000 for the rolling campaign is proposed to be used in a software tool, as an online application. The application is designed to process information about the operation of the finishing group back-up rolls for a selected period and to issue processing results to the roll preparation section of the flat-rolled production of the sheet-rolling department No. 2 of PJSC Severstal.

Ключевые слова Back-up roll, surface strain hardening, continuous wide-strip rolling mill, finite element method, simulation
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