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ArticleName Rock bolting procedure standardization: A case-study of Norilsk Nickel
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2024.03.11
ArticleAuthor Gerasimenko O. S., Zhuk I. A., Mursalova A. O., Rzhevskiy A. A.

Organization Development and Work Standardization Management, NorNickel’s Polar Division, Norilsk, Russia

O. S. Gerasimenko, Head,
I. A. Zhuk, Head, Department of Activities Standardization in Mineral Resources Sector
A. O. Mursalova, Chief Specialist, Department of Activities Standardization in Mineral Resources Sector
A. A. Rzhevskiy, Chief Specialist, Department of Activities Standardization in Mineral Resources Sector


Production engineering in mines in the mineral resources sector of the Norilsk division is undergoing significant modification. Under conditions of persistent upgrading of equipment, improvement and digitalization of mining practices and gradual introduction of unmanned mining machines driven from ground surface, the proper work organization is a necessary condition of high production performance in the transient period. The spotlight of the top management in the Norilsk division is cast on introduction of new techniques in the mineral resources sector. In connection with this, efficiency of the work scope planning techniques and utilization of the techniques in the managerial and engineering conditions of business entities of Norilsk Nickel Group is subjected to a comprehensive and integrated analysis. This article describes the work standardization system adopted at NorNickel, exhibits the experience gained in the rock bolting procedure standardization at subdivisions of the mineral resources sector and gives examples of stopwatch and work breakdown structure studies, identified delays and developed worktime standards (time rates, production rates and service rates). The trend of elimination of loss of working hours is on the whole positive owing to the increase in performance of installation of rock bolts per shift. Tracking of rock bolting dynamics is carried out annually: the execution of activities aimed at elimination of loss of working hours is checked, the status of implementation of initiatives is controlled, and the level of rock bolting output and efficiency is analyzed. It is planned to pass to the equipment manufactured by Russia’s friendly countries, and later on it is required to analyze production performance and to develop new production and time rates for the new managerial and engineering conditions (using new techniques and equipment).

keywords Labor rate setting, mines, rock bolting, time and production rates, standard times, performance enhancement

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