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ArticleName The way forward for safety at workplace: An integrated approach of NorNickel’s Polar Division to reduction of occupational diseases and injuries
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2024.03.12
ArticleAuthor Shilenko S. Yu., Pereverzev I. I., Lapkovskiy I. O., Ustinov A. K.

NorNickel’s Polar Division, Norilsk Nickel, Russia

S. Yu. Shilenko, Deputy Director of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection
I. I. Pereverzev, Director, Department of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection
I. O. Lapkovskiy, Head, Management of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection in Mineral Resources Sector, Department of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection
A. K. Ustinov, Head, Mining Technology Improvement Department, Center for Geodynamic Safety,


Human life being of the highest value, the issue of occupational diseases, injuries and deaths at hazardous production facilities is a top-priority social problem. Therefore, modern business strives to ensure safety operating environment for workers—to minimize or even nullify the risk of any-severity occupational diseases and injuries. This aspiration is a sign of social responsibility and sustainability of business. The basic provisions of the integrated approach of NorNickel’s Polar Division to reaching a zero injury rate are discussed, which is mainly the nullification of risk occupational fatality by means of p erfection of the industrial safety and labor protection system. The global problem of traumatism and its reduction trend is considered, the foreign experience of industrial safety and labor protection control is analyzed, the integrated approach to safety at workplace at NorNickel is described, the strategy of zero tolerance to any kind of injuries is described, the proactive prevention of accidents is emphasized, and the efforts on introduction of innovative methods of training and control in the field of observance of personnel safety standards are illustrated. The actual practices towards a better work environment, including application of the advanced technologies and personal protection equipment to prevent occupational diseases are presented, and the Company’s efforts to reduce (eliminate) the risk of occupational traumatism, especially fatalities, are listed.

The authors appreciate participation of V. P. Marysyuk, A. B. Musorin and O. M. Lotovskiy, staff members of NorNickel’s Polar Division in this study.

keywords Industrial safety, labor protection, proactive approach, innovative approach, personal protection equipment, culture of safety, personnel training, monitoring, occupational diseases, occupational injuries

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