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ArticleName Namibian phosphorites material composition and dressability study
ArticleAuthor Beloborodov V. I., Zakharova I. B., Rukhlenko Ye. D., Filimonova N. M., Andronov G. P.
ArticleAuthorData Beloborodov Viktor Innokentiyevich, Chief Reseacher,; Zakharova Inna Borisovna, Senior Reseacher,; Rukhlenko Yelena Dmitriyevna, Leading Technologist,; Filimonova Nina Mikhaylovna, Leading Technologist,; Andronov Georgiy Pavlovich, Reseacher,, Mining Institute, Kola Science Centre of the RAS (Russia).
The results of Namibian offshore phosphorites samples mineralogical studies are presented. Phosphorites material composition has been determined, i.e., that of phosphate material, as well as biogenic, terrigenous and chemogenic components. Phosphorites dressability studies have been conducted by different methods with a view to phosphate concentrate production.
keywords Phosphorites, mineralogical studies, phosphate concentrate, magnetic separation, flotation.
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