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ArticleName New rotary sample divider main operating parameters study
ArticleAuthor Bortnikov А. V., Samukov А. D., Romashev А. О.
ArticleAuthorData Bortnikov Аnatoliy Viktorovich, Chief Specialist, tel. (812) 331-02-56, Samukov Аleksand Dmitriyevich, Head of Department,, NPK «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia); Romashev Аrtem Оlegovich, Postgraduate,, Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University) (Russia).
Sample preparation principles related to analytical and processing studies are described, and necessity of sample division for separation of its required representative part is shown. The results of a new rotary centrifugal sample divider operating parameters study are presented, showing sufficiently high sample division precision both with regard to mass, and particle-size distribution. The sample divider is recommended for application at research laboratories instead of manual sample division methods.
keywords Sample preparation, sample representativeness, studies, sample division, rotary divider.
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