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ArticleName The Olimpiadinskoye deposit ores processing results by means of jet flotation flow sheet and flotation pulp aeration by aerosol
ArticleAuthor Panshin A. M., Yevdokimov S. I., Artyomov S. V.

Panshin A. M.,  General Director, Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (Russia),; Yevdokimov S. I., Associate Professor, North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute (Russia),; Artyomov S. V., Postgraduate, North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute (Russia).


A gravity-flotation concentration technology has been developed for gold-bearing ores, in which gold is mainly bound with sulfides — arsenopyrite, pyrrhotine, pyrite, antimonite and chalcopyrite. Activated fine size fractions (finer than 70 microns) of quartz, carbonates and mica go into concentrate, increasing its yield, which reduces technical-and-economic performance indicators of sulfide concentrate bacterial oxidation. In order to reduce concentrate yield, new flotation flow sheet is proposed: feed pulp is divided into two flows, then, concentrate is separated from one flow, and mixed with the second flow of feed pulp. Pulp process flows are named «flotation jets». From the results of experiments, conducted as continuous process, it follows, that the applied «jet@ method provides for gold content increase in rougher flotation feed, permitting to reduce concentrate yield by 19.7 % rel. A method for recovered minerals flotation intensification has been developed, by means of which, mixture of air with water steam (t = 104 °С, р ~ 0.1 MPa) — aerosol, is used as gas phase in flotation. It was established through experiments, that by using aerosol, size of bubbles is reduced by the factor of 2–2.5. Size of bubbles was determined by the frequency of their appearance in measuring cell in external uniform magnetic field in a glass tube, filled with ferrofluid and placed in a system of induction coils: with change in magnetic flux that threads coils surface, when bubble appeared in magnetizing medium, emf of induction, occurring in coils, was registered.

keywords Concentration, gold-bearing ore, gravity-preconcentration, jet flotation flow sheet, pulp aeration by aerosol, concentrate, recovery, yield reduction, size of bubbles, measuring method

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