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ArticleName NRB reagent application in the Sayakskoye deposit copper ore flotation
ArticleAuthor Omarova N. K., Akimbekova B. B., Sherembayeva R. T.

Omarova N. K., Associate Professor,; Akimbekova B. B., Associate Professor; Sherembayeva R. T., Associate Professor, Karaganda State Technical Universuty (Republic of Kazakhstan).


The Sayakskoye deposit sulfide copper ore flotation was studied at the PO «Balkhashtsvetmet» research laboratory with application of a new reagent NRB. Sulfide copper ore weighed sample, preground to 58 % –0.074 mm size, was used in the experiments. The experiments were conducted in accordance with the reagent regime, used at the concentrating plant, with application of butyl xanthate (40 g/t) and Т-92 (100 g/t). The results of the studies showed, that with the reagent regime, adopted at the concentrating plant, copper concentrate grade was 17.98 %, recovery being 90.28 %. The optimum experimental conditions were determined by the results of open flotation cycle. Effect of pulp's рН on copper floatability was studied. The results of the studies showed, that with СаО consumption of 1500 g/t, copper content in rougher copper concentrate was 3.32 %, recovery — 67.09 %. The experimental conditions were corrected with respect to the locked flotation cycle results. Considerably higher results were received in experiments with reagent NRB, in particular, copper content in concentrate was 18.64 % (against 17.98 % with xanthate), copper recovery into concentrate — 93.11 % (against 90.28 % with xanthate). NRB reagent application permits to increase copper concentrate grade by 0.66 %, and recovery — by 2.83 %. So, comparison of the concentration results showed the advantages of NRB reagent application — increased copper recovery and concentrate grade.

keywords Reagent, flotation, recovery, copper concentrate, copper content, copper concentrate grade, reagent regime

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