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The articles, published in the 4-th issue of "Tsvetnye Metally" (Non-ferrous metals) journal (April, 2013) share the subject area of heavy and light non-ferrous metals and rare metals. This issue shares the questions of theory and practice of ore concentration, production and processing of non-ferrous metals, complex usage of crude ores, economics and management of production and industrial automation.


Norilsk Branch «Institute «Norilskproekt» of «Gipronickel» Institute» LLC celebrates its 75-th anniversary in May, 2013. The specialists from the Institute «Norilskproekt» have projected the Company with its mines, industrial enterprises, various engineering communications and unique town within the Polar circle. Nowadays, the collective of Norilsk Branch carries out the successful accomplishing of the tasks, which were set by the Company. The collective also directly participates in realization of the strategy of industrial and technical development of this Company. This issue includes an article «The 75-th years way, which started with a clean slate».


The section «Economics and Management of Production» includes the article by A. V. Kolmakov, which describes the sales policy of Australian nickel company Western Areas NL (WSA).


The article by A. V. Kurkov, P. M. Solozhenkin and S. N. Shcherbakova is published in the section «Beneficiation». This article describes the possibility of expanding of raw materials base for antimony production in Russia, due to introduction of complex gold-antimony ores of Kyuchus deposit (Sakha Republic, Yakutia) into the processing.


The article «Processing of silver-containing gas purification cakes of the smelting department of slime production at the polar division of “Norilsk nickel” MMC» describes the developed and commercially tested scheme. This scheme includes the processing of gas purification cakes by sodium sulphide solution and the following supplement of these cakes to the roasting stage, along with the copper slime. This scheme makes possible the extraction of silver from gas purification cakes into half-finished product, which content is close to the marketable product — rough silver of SChP (СЧП) grade.


University of Mining and Geology "St. Ivan Rilski" (Bulgaria) celebrates its 60-th anniversary in June, 2013. This university is a unique Bulgarian educational institution, which graduates are high-level specialists in development, extraction and processing of minerals and energetic resources. The university is detaily described in the article «University of Mining and Geology "St. Ivan Rilski" - past and present», which is published in this issue.

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ArticleName International review of market of non-ferrous metals
ArticleAuthor Korneev S. I.

Korneev S. I., e-mail:

ArticleName Marketing policy of Western Areas – current review and further prospects
ArticleAuthor Kolmakov A. V.

“Norilsk Nickel” MMC, Moscow, Russia

A. V. Kolmakov, Chief Specialist, phone: +7 (496) 567-70-70

ArticleName Theory of creation of innovation flotation technologies. Part III. Theory of intensification of technological processes of flotation
ArticleAuthor Abramov A. A.

Moscow State Mining University, Moscow, Russia

A. A. Abramov, Professor, e-mail:

ArticleName Integrated processing of the gold-antimony ores of Kyuchus deposit (Sakha republic (Yakutia, Russia))
ArticleAuthors Kurkov A. V., Solozhenkin P. M., Shcherbakova S. N.

JSC “Leading Scientific-Research Institute of Chemical Technology”, Moscow, Russia

A. V. Kurkov, Head of the Project Office No.1 “Complex processing of raw materials”, e-mail:

S. N. Shcherbakova, Senior Researcher


Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources (Russian Academy of Sciences), Moscow, Russia

P. M. Solozhenkin, Chief Researcher

ArticleName Efficiency of application of pneumatic columnar flotation machines, in the time of concentration of refractory copper-zinc raw materials. Part 2
ArticleAuthors Panshin A. M., Viduetskiy M. G., Maltsev V. A., Sokolov V. M., Bondarev A. A.

“Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company Holding” LLC, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia

A. M. Panshin, Technical Officer


Institute of Material Sciences and Metallurgy (Ural Federal University named after the first Russian President B. N. Yeltsin), Ekaterinburg, Russia

M. G. Viduetskiy, Counselor of Director, Head of Education and Scientific Information Center, e-mail:
V. A. Maltsev, Director


“Svyatogor” JSC, Krasnouralsk, Russia

V. M. Sokolov, Chief Executive Officer
A. A. Bondarev, Chief Dresser

ArticleName Distribution of copper by the condensed smelting products of lead concentrate in vanyukov’s process
ArticleAuthors Kotykhov M. I., Fedorov A. N.

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia

M. I. Kotykhov, Post Graduate Student of a Chair of Nonferrous Metals and Gold, e-mail:
A. N. Fedorov, Professor of a Chair of Non-ferrous Metals and Gold

ArticleName Research of the briquettability of stored sandstone spillage from Kayerkan surface coal mine. Part 2
ArticleAuthors Ozerov S. S., Portov A. B., Blekhshteyn B. L., Tsemekhman L. Sh., Fomichev V. B.

“Gipronikel Institute” LLC, Saint Petersburg, Russia

S. S. Ozerov, Engineer, e-mail:
A. B. Portov, Researcher
B. L. Blekhshteyn, Leading Engineer
L. Sh. Tsemekhman, Head of Laboratory of Pyrometallurgy


Polar Division of MMC “Norilsk Nickel”, Norilsk, Russia.

V. B. Fomichev, Chief Specialist of Scientific and Engineering Department

ArticleName Development of hydrometallurgical processing technology for the oxidized gold-containing ore from Taror deposit
ArticleAuthors Strizhko L. S., Boboev I. R., Gurin K. K., Rabiev F. B.

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia

L. S. Strizhko, Professor of a Chair of Non-ferrous Metals and Gold, e-mail:
I. R. Boboev, Post-graduate Student of a Chair of Non-ferrous Metals and Gold
K. K. Gurin, Post-graduate Student of a Chair of Non-ferrous Metals and Gold


Subsidiary of National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” in Dushanbe, Dushanbe, Tadzhikistan

F. B. Rabiev, Student

ArticleName Processing of silver-containing gas purification cakes of the smelting department of slime production at the polar division of “Norilsk nickel” MMC
ArticleAuthors Kozhanov A. L., Litvyak M. A., Moiseev S. N.

Polar Division of “Norilsk Nickel” MMC, Norilsk, Russia

A. L. Kozhanov, Chief Engineer of Metallurgy Shop

M. A. Litvyak, Deputy Head of Metallurgy Shop, e-mail:
S. N. Moiseev, Senior Master of Metallurgy Shop

ArticleName Vaporization of salt system solutions with the temperature solubility of reverse scale formative components
ArticleAuthors Kazakov V. G., Lipin V. A.

Saint Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers, Saint Petersburg, Russia

V. G. Kazakov, Professor of the Chair of Industrial Heat and Power Engineering (Faculty of Industrial Power Engineering), e-mail:


Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

V. A. Lipin, Professor of the Chair “Physical chemistry, microand nanotechnologies” (Faculty of Technology and Materials Research, e-mail:

ArticleName Materials of equipment for high-temperature hostile environment processes in manufacturing of metallic calcium
ArticleAuthors Talanov A. A., Kotsar M. L., Ilenko E. V., Kiverin V. L., Abashev R. T.

“Chepetsky Mechanical Plant” JSC, Glazov, Russia

A. A. Talanov, Leading Engineer of the Central Scientific and Research Laboratory, e-mail:
E. V. Ilenko, Head of the Central Scientific and Research Laboratory
V. L. Kiverin, Head of a Project
R. T. Abashev, Master of Calcium Production

Leading Scientific and Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia

M. L. Kotsar, Head of Laboratory

ArticleName Thermodynamic research of the crystals of AgBr – TlI system and obtaining of infra-red light conductors with nanocrystallic structure, based on these crystals
ArticleAuthors Korsakov A. S., Zhukova L.V., Korsakova E. A., Zhukov V. V., Korsakov V. S.

Chair of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Chemical and Technological Institute, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg, Russia

A. S. Korsakov, Senior Lecturer, e-mail:
L.V. Zhukova, Chief Researcher, Professor
E. A. Korsakova, Post-Graduate Student
V. V. Zhukov, Senior Researcher
V. S. Korsakov, Candidate for a Master's Degree

ArticleName Electrochemical dissolution of the cyclotron irradiated rhodium plates and its realization device
ArticleAuthors Gulyaev A. E., Razbash A. A.

“Cyclotron” JSC, Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia

A. E. Gulyaev, Deputy Head of Radiochemical Laboratory, e-mail:
A. A. Razbash, Chief Executive Officer

ArticleName Formation of structure and properties of aluminum ingots under the magnetohydrodynamic conditions
ArticleAuthors Khripchenko S. Yu., Dolgikh V. M., Denisov S. A., Kolesnichenko I. V., Nikulin L. V.

1 Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics (Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences), Perm, Russia

S. Yu. Khripchenko, Leading Researcher, e-mail:
V. M. Dolgikh, Senior Researcher
S. A. Denisov, Senior Researcher
I. V. Kolesnichenko, Researcher
L. V. Nikulin, Senior Researcher

ArticleName Peculiarities and change patterns in the copper creep kinetics in a magnetic field
ArticleAuthors Zagulyaev D. V., Konovalov S. V., Litvinenko N. G., Komissarova I. A., Gromov V. E.

Siberian State Industrial University, Novokuznetsk, Russia

D. V. Zagulyaev, Senior Lecturer of a Chair of Physics, e-mail:
S. V. Konovalov, Assistant Professor of a Chair of Physics

N. G. Litvinenko, Post-graduate Student of a Chair of Physics
I. A. Komissarova, Student of Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science
V. E. Gromov, Head of a Chair of Physics

ArticleName Methods of the rapid measurement of the temperature of melt metals for the needs of engineering enterprises
ArticleAuthors Kropachev D. Yu., Grishin A. A., Maslo A. D.

Research and Industrial Enterprise “Etalon”, Omsk, Russia

D. Yu. Kropachev, Leading Engineer, phone: +7 (3812) 36-75-85
A. A. Grishin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
A. D. Maslo, Engineer

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