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Obogashchenie Rud

The articles of the fifth issue of the journal “Obogashchenie Rud” cover a wide array of ore-dressing processes.

The articles of the section “Processing Technology” are dedicated to gravity concentration. One of the articles takes up the question of expediency of putting into operation the suspended Deputatskoye tin ore deposit, and presents recommendations on the Deputatskoye ores processing flow sheet design.

Magnetic separation, microbiological conditioning and size classification processes are discussed in the section “Beneficiation processes”.

Certain theoretical aspects of flotation process are dealt with in the article in the section “Process Theory”, that article generalizes the previous publications of the authors, dedicated to the study of vibration effect on gas bubble behavior in liquid.

In the section “Analytical Methods in Mineral Processing”, an article describing simplified Bond Work Index determination methods, developed by foreign researchers, is offered for consideration of readers. The presented examples of calculations show the expediency of these methods application in ores grindability estimation, especially in the absence of specialized laboratory equipment.

The results of one of the Urals deposits high-magnesia oxide nickel ore’s textural-structural specialties and material composition studies, accomplished by means of a large array of modern analytical methods, are presented in the classic style.


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ArticleName Upon effective utilization of the Deputatskoye tin ore deposit mineral resources
ArticleAuthors Fishman G. L., Yugova E. D.
ArticleAuthorsData Fishman Grigoriy Leonidovich, Projects’ Director, Mining-and-Concentrating Technologies JSC (Russia), ph. +7 (4132) 62-22-24; Yugova Elena Dmitrievna, Candidate of Engineering.
ArticleName Aerodynamic separation and impact classification of grain materials
ArticleAuthor Tyukin A. P.
ArticleAuthorData Tyukin Aleksandr Pavlovich, Chief Specialist on Precious Metals, Kola MMC (Russia),
ArticleName The Irshansky Mining Complex Lemnenskaya concentrating plant rougher concentrates magnetic and electromagnetic separation
ArticleAuthors Azbel Yu. I., Lupey S. A., Dmitriev S. V., Grigoryev I. V., Mezenin A. O.
ArticleAuthorsData Azbel Yuriy Iosifovich, Chief Specialist, REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia),; Lupey Sergey Aleksandrovich, Chief Specialist on Mineral Processing, Irshanskiy State Mine-and-Mill Complex (Ukraine),; Dmitriev Sergey Viktorovich, Leading Engineer, REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia),; Grigoryev Igor Valentinovich, Chief Designer, REC «Mekhanobr-nekhnika» (Russia),; Mezenin Anton Olegovich, Postgraduate, Saint Petersburg State Mining University (Russia),
ArticleName Loose material vibratory separation on step-shaped slotted opening
ArticleAuthors Vasilkov V. B., Romashev A. O., Samukov A. D., Feoktistov A. Yu., Yakimova K. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Vasilkov Vladislav Borisovich, Leading Researcher, REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika», Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS (Russia); Romashev Аrtem Оlegovich, Postgraduate, Saint Petersburg State Mining University (Russia),; Samukov Аleksandr Dmitrievich, Head of Process Department, REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia),; Foktistov Andrey Yuryevich, Researcher, REC «Mekhanobr- Tekhnika» (Russia),; Yakimova Kira Savvovna, Leading Researcher, REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika», Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS (Russia),
ArticleName Microbiological conditioning of bauxites
ArticleAuthors Dubovikov O. A., Andreev Ye. Ye., Nikolaeva N. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Dubovikov Oleg Aleksandrovich, Associate Professor; Andreev Evgeniy Evgenyevich, Associate Professor,; Nikolaeva Nadezhda Valeryevna, Assistant, Saint Petersburg State Mining University (Russia),
ArticleName Study of magnetic properties of individual mineral grains as objects of magnetic separation
ArticleAuthors Khopunov E. A., Voronchikhin S. L.
ArticleAuthorsData Khopunov Eduard Afanasievich, Doctor of Engineering (Russia),; Voronchikhin Sergey Leonidovich (Russia)
ArticleName Motion of gas bubble in oscillating gas-saturated liquid
ArticleAuthors Blekhman I. I., Blekhman L. I., Vasilkov V. B., Sorokin V. S., Yakimova K. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Blekhman Ilya Izrailevich, Head of Laboratory;; Blekhman Leonid Ilich, Leading Researcher; Vasilkov Vladislav Borisovich, Leading Researcher; Sorokin Vladislav Sergeevich, Researcher,; Yakimova Kira Savvovna, Leading Researcher,; REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika», Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS (Russia).
ArticleName Preparation of iron-bearing materials to metallurgical processing stage
ArticleAuthors Kuskov V. B., Kuskova Ya. V., Kornev A. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Kuskov Vadim Borisovich, Associate Professor,; Kuskova Yana Vadimovna, Postgraduate,; Kornev Anton Vladimirovich, Postgraduate, Saint Petersburg State Mining University (Russia),
ArticleName Ore grindability Bond Work Index estimation methods approximation
ArticleAuthors Andreev Ye. Ye., Lvov V. V., Romashev А. О., Mezenin А. О.
ArticleAuthorsData Andreev Yevgeniy Yevrenievich, Associate Professor; Lvov Vladislav Valerievich, Associate Professor,; Romashov Artem Olegovich, Postgraduate,; Mezenin Anton Olegovich, Postgraduate, anton_mezenin@mail. ru; Saint Petersburg State Mining University (Russia).
ArticleName Nickel distribution in the Serovskoye deposit oxide nickel ore phase constituents
ArticleAuthors Selivanov Ye. N., Sergeeva S. V., Udoeva L. Yu., Pankratov А. А.
ArticleAuthorsData Selivanov Evgeniy Nikolaevich, Director,; Sergeeva Svetlana Vladimirovna, Leading Engineer,; Udoeva Lyudmila Yuryevna, Senior Researcher, Institute of Metallurgy, Ural Branch of RAS (Russia); Pankratov Aleksandr Alekseevich, Engineer, Institute of Hightemperature Electrochemistry, Ural Branch of RAS (Russia).
ArticleName XVI International Mineral Processing Congress
ArticleName IX Forum «East—West»
ArticleName 85th birthday of A. G. Morachevskiy
ArticleName Advertisments
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