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Название Declaration of conformity in the field of metallurgical production
DOI 10.17580/chm.2021.12.13
Автор A. V. Kraev, V. A. Ivanova
Информация об авторе

PRONTO Ltd. (Yaroslavl, Russia):

A. V. Kraev, Head of the Technical Control Department, e-mail: alex.kraev@gmail.com


Yaroslavl State Technical University (Yaroslavl, Russia):

V. A. Ivanova, Dr. Eng., Associate Professor, Head of the Dept. of Materials Technology, Standardization and Metrology, e-mail: ivanova-waleriya@mail.ru


At present, the declaration of conformity in Russia is a priority form of confirmation of the conformity of products to the requirements of technical regulations. Technical regulations are documents containing mandatory requirements for products, methods and forms of assessment, approved by the decision of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, acting on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union and being mandatory for execution and compliance. A list of technical regulations has been established, for compliance with which the declaration of conformity of products in the field of metallurgy is carried out. The sources of risk of the process of declaration of conformity have been identified and their causes have been established. Among these sources are selection of product samples; on-site testing of products, samples or their study as a representative of all subsequently manufactured products; assessment of test (research) results from the standpoint of visibility of product compliance with the requirements of technical regulations; production control; study of a sample for the planned production as a typical representative of a product used at hazardous production facilities; analysis of the technical documentation submitted by the applicant and its preliminary assessment; assessment of the risk of harm when applying the requirements proposed by the applicant; quality management system (QMS) certification. On the basis of risk management, conformity declaration schemes have been established, with the use of which the likelihood of products hazardous to the consumer appearing on the market is greatest - 1D, 3D. The content of the documentation on the applicant’s production control when declaring conformity is proposed - technological equipment, personnel, measuring instruments, documentation (design, technological, registration and accounting), infrastructure (territory, production facilities, transport, etc.), incoming control, special processes (operations), acceptance control and periodic testing, marking of finished products. A list of national standards of the Russian Federation is presented, which make it possible to implement all stages of the declaration of conformity by the applicant.

Ключевые слова Declaration of conformity, technical regulations, metallurgy products, source of risk, safety, production control
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