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The first article (the authors: V.F. Baranov, I.Sh. Sataev) is an overview of various ore-preparation circuits design and implementation practices at foreign and Russian concentrating plants processing porphyry copper ores. Special attention is given to the two competitive methods: ore semiautogenous grinding and press-roll crushing.

The articles of the section “Processing Technology” are dedicated to Namibian offshore phosphorites material composition and dressability studies (the authors – V. I. Beloborodov, et al.,) and a redox alternative of apatite-nepheline ore thermochemical processing method of Prof. O.N. Tikhomirov (the authors – V.M. Sizyakov, A.K. Orlov).

The article by А.М. Vasilyev is dedicated to the basic issue of the gravity concentration, covering all formulas for ball-shaped particles free-fall final velocity calculation, earlier derived by different authors, as well as the calculations results by these formulas. The article may be recommended as a reference material.

The article by E.А. Khopunov considers the theoretical evidence for discussion of loading factors in selective disintegration of ores. The article continues the subject raised in the author’s publications in the previous issues of the journal. The total series of articles on various aspects of selective disintegration of ores is dedicated to the memory of V.I. Revnivtsev, who in his research work devoted much attention to this question. In March of 2011 a seminar was held at the “Mekhanobr” dedicated to the 80th anniversary of V.I. Revnivtsev, the director of the “Mekhanobr” Institute in 1976-1989. The current issue of the journal includes a publication on this event.

The section “Equipment” presents a new rotary sample divider, developed and produced by “Mekhanobr-Tekhnika” Research-and-Engineering Corporation, designed for samples preparation for analytical and processing studies (the article by А.V. Bortnikov, et al.). The device has a 100-liter sample receptacle and is intended for 20-25 mm size material. In the article by А.Ye. Pelevin, specialties of a hydraulic vibratory screen separation characteristic are considered. The difference between actual screen separation characteristic and the conventional separation characteristic is shown, and the factors causing this difference are analyzed.

In the section “Design Work”, the article by А.N. Smirnov considers the main technical concepts for the ОАО Aleksandrinskaya Mining Company concentrating plant rehabilitation project, planning the plant capacity increase by the factor of two. The project has been developed owing to the change in the plant’s raw materials source.

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Название Upon the world practice in ore-preparation of porphyry copper ores
Авторы Baranov V. F., Sataev I. Sh.
Информация об авторах Baranov Viktor Fedotovich, Deputy General Director for Prospective Projects, office@mekhanobr.spb.ru, Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia); Sataev Irik Shagitovich, Candidate of Engineering (Russia).
Название Specialties of granites and gabbro-diabase disintegration in crushed stone production
Автор Kameneva Ye. Ye.
Информация об авторе Kameneva Yelena Yevgeniyevna, Associate Professor, Head of Build Rocks Testing Laboratory, tel. 7-921-701-21-46, elena.kameneva@mail.ru, Petrozavodsk State University (Russia).
Название Namibian phosphorites material composition and dressability study
Авторы Beloborodov V. I., Zakharova I. B., Rukhlenko Ye. D., Filimonova N. M., Andronov G. P.
Информация об авторах Beloborodov Viktor Innokentiyevich, Chief Reseacher, beloborodov@goi.kolasc.net.ru; Zakharova Inna Borisovna, Senior Reseacher, zakharova@goi.kolasc.net.ru; Rukhlenko Yelena Dmitriyevna, Leading Technologist, lenar@goi.kolasc.net.ru; Filimonova Nina Mikhaylovna, Leading Technologist, filimonova@goi.kolasc.net.ru; Andronov Georgiy Pavlovich, Reseacher, andronov@goi.kolasc.net.ru, Mining Institute, Kola Science Centre of the RAS (Russia).
Название Redox thermochemical technology of apatite-nepheline ore processing
Авторы Sizyakov V. M., Orlov A. K.
Информация об авторах Sizyakov Viktor Mikhaylovich, Head of Chair, Department of Nonferrous Metallurgy, tel. (812) 328-84-59, kafmetall@mail.ru, Orlov Anatoliy Kirillovich, Associate Professor; Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University) (Russia).
Название Analysis of free-fall velocity formulas for ball-shaped particles
Автор Vasilyev А. М.
Информация об авторе Vasilyev Аnton Мikhaylovich, Reseacher, office@mekhanobr.com, Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia).
Название Role of loading factors in selective disintegration of ores
Автор Khopunov E. А.
Информация об авторе Khopunov Eduard Afanasyevich, Doctor of Engineering (Russia), hopunov@mail.ru.
Название New rotary sample divider main operating parameters study
Авторы Bortnikov А. V., Samukov А. D., Romashev А. О.
Информация об авторах Bortnikov Аnatoliy Viktorovich, Chief Specialist, tel. (812) 331-02-56, Samukov Аleksand Dmitriyevich, Head of Department, Samykov_ad@npk-mt.spb.ru, NPK «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia); Romashev Аrtem Оlegovich, Postgraduate, art3m@mail.ru, Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University) (Russia).
Название Jaw crusher antiphase-locked operation stabilization by means of automatic electric drive
Авторы Tyagushev S. Yu., Turkin V. Ya., Shonin О. B.
Информация об авторах Tyagushev Sergey Yuryevich, Reseacher, sergey_ty@mail.ru; Turkin Vladimir Yakovlevich, Chief Designer, NPK «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia); Shonin Оleg Borisovich, Professor, ninosh_eltech@mail.ru, Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University) (Russia).
Название Screen separation characteristic
Автор Pelevin А. Ye.
Информация об авторе Pelevin Aleksey Yevgenyevich, Associate Professor, a-pelevin@yandex.ru, tel. 8 (343) 257-91-54, Ural State Mining University (Russia).
Название OАО Aleksandrinskaya Mining Company concentrating plant rehabilitation
Автор Smirnov А. N.
Информация об авторе Smirnov Аleksey Nikolayevich, First Deputy General Director, Head of Project Chief Engineers Design Department, ansmirnov@mekhanobr.spb.ru, Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia).
Название Upon the 80th anniversary of V. I. Revnivtsev
Название VIII CIS Mineral Processors’ Congress
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